People Are Furious After Mark Wahlberg's Appearance on 'GMA' | 22 Words

Mark Wahlberg has sparked outrage this week after his "inappropriate" appearance on Good Morning America - and once you see the clip, you'll understand why...

How's he going to get out of this one?


Here's the full story...

Now, we all know Mark Wahlberg.


Also known as Marky Mark, he's one of America's best known actors.

He was born in 1971 in Boston, Massachusetts.


And actually rose to fame as a rapper with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

He made the transition into acting in 1994.


With his first movie role in Renaissance Man.

His first starring role soon followed in Fear in 1996.


But he really rose to prominence with his role in 1997's Boogie Nights.

He followed this success with roles in many action movies, including The Perfect Storm (2000), Planet of the Apes (2001), and The Italian Job (2003).


He is also known for comedic roles in Ted (2012) and Daddy's Home (2015).

​In fact, believe it or not, he was the highest-paid actor in the world in 2017.


Quite an impressive accolade!

Alongside acting, Wahlberg is a producer and businessman.


And he received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame back in 2010.

There's no denying he's had an extremely successful professional life.


But behind the scenes, things haven't always been so seemingly perfect ...

In fact, Wahlberg is certainly no stranger to controversy.


As a teenager, Wahlberg, who comes from a family of 9 siblings, dropped out of high school and quickly became embroiled in a life of crime.

By the age of thirteen, he was addicted to drugs.

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Wahlberg got himself involved in drug dealing, stealing, and all-around violent behavior which would eventually lead to him serving time in prison at the age of sixteen.

But, amid the drugs and the violence...

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There was an underlying tone of racism.

But, of course, no one talks about this.

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Over the years, the media has chosen to focus on how Wahlberg turned his life around with his music and acting career, rather than discuss his problematic past with racially-motivated attacks.

For example...

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I bet most of you aren't aware of the time he verbally and physically assaulted a group of Black students in 1986?

Wahlberg had been among a group of white teenagers when he came across the students...

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And he had proceeded to throw rocks at the group while shouting "kill the n****s," according to reports.

He was only issued a civil rights citation as a consequence of his actions.

And, 2 years later in 1988, he went on to unleash an unprovoked attack on 2 Vietnamese men.

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According to reports, when trying to steal beer, he had first hit a random and unsuspecting Vietnamese man in the head with a large stick, and then went on to punch Johnny Trinh in the eye, all while hurling racial slurs.

Wahlberg was sentenced to 2 years in jail for his savage attack...

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But, of course, he only served forty-five-days behind bars before being released.

The actor has only briefly touched upon his crimes over the years...

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Speaking to Associated Press in 2014 of his actions, he said:

"I have apologized, many times. The first opportunity I had to apologize was right there in court when all the dust had settled and I was getting shackled and taken away, and making sure I paid my debt to society and continue to try and do things that make up for the mistakes that I've made."

But the actor has never actually faced any consequences for his actions.

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He has gone on to enjoy a tremendously successful career in the world of acting and, in typical Hollywood fashion, his history of hate crimes has been quietly swept under the rug.

Following his Black Lives Matter post, people started to finally call the actor out...

And they are finally sharing his crimes for all the world to see.

I mean, this man has a whole section on Wiki dedicated to his hate crimes...

And no one ever talks about it. Says a lot, doesn't it?

Wahlberg is yet to respond to the backlash regarding his BLM post...

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But in the recent wake of violence towards Asians, his appearance on Good Morning America has reignited the fire.

The actor appeared virtually on the show to chat about what keeps him motivated.

Good Morning America

He also touched upon the inspiration behind his latest venture, Municipal, his new line of workout apparel.

However, viewers were outraged by one aspect of his appearance...

Good Morning America

And they have since been taking to Twitter to express their fury.

They are not impressed...

The problem with his appearance?

Well, they decided to air his interview right after a segment detailing the #StopAsianHate movement.

Bearing in mind Wahlberg's history with racism, this seems - at best - to be an odd choice, don't you think?

Good Morning America are yet to comment on the backlash.