Marlon Brando's Grandson Looks Exactly Like Him When He Was Young and the Internet Has Fallen in Love | 22 Words

Now, we might think we are one of a kind and we are in many ways. But some people share a lot of similarities with people in terms of their looks.

The latest celebrity to have a doppelganger is one that we are certainly enjoying looking at, and so it the rest of the internet.

Keep scrolling to see Marlon Brando's grandson, he's the spitting image of his grandfather...

The chances of finding who looks the same as you are very slim.

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Unless you have a twin.

But over the years we have noticed a few people have had doppelgangers.

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Including some celebrities.

Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis.

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Although there is almost a decade between these two actresses, they are still often mistaken for each other. You may recognise Hyland as being one of the stars of Modern Family, while Kunis is the Oscar-nominated actress known for her roles in Black Swan, Ted and Family Guy. Since meeting in 2010, the actresses have even agreed to pretend to be each other in public. Hyland even stated in an interview that: “[Kunis] said that sometimes she pretends she's me because it makes her feel young. I asked if I could pretend to be her next time somebody asks me if I'm her, and she said OK."

Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley.

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Two blockbuster actresses, known for their work in Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, Knightley and Portman also share a lot of similarities in their appearance. Knightley even portrayed Portman’s double in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Who knew?

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.

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These two actors have been good friends for many years, often starring alongside each other in films such as Schindler’s List and The Clash of the Titans. In most cases, Neeson plays the hero and Fiennes the villain, but in real life they are devoted pals. In an interview, Neeson spoke about his similarities to Fiennes: "He is one of my best, best, dearest friends. I keep getting fans and stuff mixing me up with Ralph because we have very similar profiles.  So I've been complimented on winning a Tony Award for my Hamlet, he's been complimented on the 'Taken' movies."

Chelsea Handler and Elizabeth Banks.

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Banks has admitted on many occasions that she often pretends to be the comedienne when she is mistaken for her. Even admitting that she does it as to not upset any mistaken fans. How kind of her!

Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard.

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These two actresses starred alongside each other in the Oscar-nominated film The Help, and since then, their similarities have only grown. But it appears that both Chastain and Howard are in on the joke. Chastain even shared this hilarious post on Twitter.

Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Brosnahan

While they are both brunettes with popular and prestigious shows on streaming services, Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Brosnahan are not the same person. Wait — they both have "Rachel" in their name? If they were clones, that would almost be flaunting it.

James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor

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Both James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor have played younger versions of future all-powerful mentors — Professor X and Obi-Wan Kenobi, respectively — so it's no wonder they sometimes get confused. Besides looking similar, these two have a wise, other-worldy air about them.

Helen Mirren and Alexandra Grant

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When Keanu Reeves showed up to lat year's Oscars with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant, enough people thought he was holding hands with Helen Mirren that Page Six ran a story about it. One Twitter user said, “I wasn’t wearing my glasses at first and I legit thought he was dating Helen Mirren which I also would have been here for."

Emily Kinney and Evanna Lynch

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Does Emily Kinney of The Walking Dead look a lot like Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter? Yes she does, but that doesn't mean it's okay to get them confused. Evanna Lynch played Luna Lovegood, possibly the best character in objectively the best book series, and she is therefore unique and irreplaceable and we must all stan for her.

Chord Overstreet and Austin Butler

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Austin Butler from The Carrie Diaries and Chord Overstreet from Glee look like an older and younger brother (although I don't know which one is which).

Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer

Here's my new theory — when you're attractive enough to play Superman, you've reached a level of attractiveness that makes everyone kind of flatten out. I would argue that Henry Cavill looks like all men attractive enough to be Superman, and Matt Bomer is absolutely attractive enough to be Superman.

Alicia Silverstone and Kristen Stewart

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Maybe it's because they come from such different movie eras — Alicia Silverstone's heyday was in the '90s during Clueless, while K-Stew's heyday is probably right now, if it wasn't during Twilight — but these two look so much to me like an older sister who is just off to college who can give advice to her sophomore sister about her new chemistry teacher because she had him a few years back.

Rachel Bilson and Selena Gomez

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Another pair who look like older and younger sisters, Rachel Bilson hopped straight from The O.C. to Hart of Dixie, while Selena Gomez hopped straight from Wizards of Waverly Place to Spring Breakers. Similar career paths, similar faces — that what you get from Rachel Bilson and Selena Gomez.

Dane Cook and Skylar Astin

Skylar Astin was on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — an unquestionably funny show — and yet his visual similarity to Dane Cook makes me think that he must be similarly not funny.

Chandra Wilson and Alex Newell

Not only do Chandra Wilson and Alex Newell look alike, their shows — Grey's Anatomy and Glee
Glee to see what you might think was Chandra Wilson in high school That would not have been canon.

Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder

I'll say this about CW boys Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder — they're both attractive enough to play Superman.

Jeremy Irons and Daniel Day-Lewis

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Ah, it's the Good Acting Boys (as I'm sure Jeremy Irons and Daniel Day-Lewis' improv team would be called if they ever started one_. Those long lanky faces, as well as their soulful and intense eyes, make these two hard to tell apart.

Jai Courtney and Phillip Phillips

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In fairness to Phillip Phillips, who won season 11 of American Idol, Jai Courtney is one of those guys who literally looks like . He's got just sort of a default face. you couldn't pick Jai Courtney out of a lineup of one.

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice.

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Justice is literally a doppelgänger, quite ironic when considering that Dobrev played her own doppelgänger in the show The Vampire Diaries. They could have just hired Justice.

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly.

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Robbie is definitely the woman to watch right now, but be careful, because you may be looking at Jaime Pressly.

But Robbie has another Hollywood clone!

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Robbie also shares a lot of similarities with Emma Mackey, who is currently starring in the hit Netflix show, Sex Education. I mean, the likeness is uncanny!

Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale.

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The Pretty Little Liars actress has often spoken out about how she is mistaken for Gomez. And, can you blame them? They look almost exactly alike! Maybe you'll be running into your own doppelgänger soon...

And that's just to name a few!

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But its the latest resemblance thats made the internet go crazy.

Marlon Brando's grandson, Tuki Brando has inherited his good looks.

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Known for his charming appearance, Marlon Brando was a heartthrob.

And grandson Tuki is no different.

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With similar chiseled cheekbones, jawline, and dark eyes, both men are eye-catching.

And whilst Tuki isn't an actor like his grandfather was, he's still putting his good looks to use.

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As he works as a model.

Having even appeared on L'Uomo Vogue a few years ago.

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With a face like that, we think we might see more of Tuki in the modeling world.

And we won't be complaining it about.

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