Brace yourselves for this one, ladies and gentlemen...

A couple recently shared their way of expressing their "love" for each other...

Via "toe tag tattoos."

Yes, you read that correctly. I'll elaborate. Think of the type of tag an undertaker would put on a dead body before it gets stored away until the funeral. Yeah, that type of tag.

This couple decided to play on the idea and get it tattooed on their toes.

A copy of the anonymous photo was uploaded to Reddit under the "Trashy" thread showing their (very dirty) feet with a pretty large black tag hooked onto their big toes.

The tags included information such as the couple's birth dates, the date they got married (March 27th), their cause of death ("Marriage" apparently), and they both signed off that they were each other's property... How romantic.

Of course, comments poured in... Some found the gesture sweet. How? I have no clue.


While others were left horrified... More justified.


But most were too caught up on the dirty toes... Understandable.


Here's a bit of life advice, if you're going to take photos of your toes and upload them onto the internet, clean them first for God's sake! Or here's a better idea, just don't take pictures of your toes. Ew.