Ideally, your wedding day is one of the best days of your life.

It's the day that you finally get to marry the love of your life, after all!

But sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Even the most love-filled and entertaining weddings can experience a few hitches. A recent AskReddit thread asked people to share what they regret about their own weddings. Their answers are super fascinating! And, if you happen to be planning your own wedding, they might come in handy, too.

Unnecessary plates:

Registering for china. I didn't want it. Knew we would never use it. Received everything. Never have used it in 25 years.supertinypenguin

Ghosting photogs:

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My number one regret is telling people not to take pictures. In our agreement with our photographer, she told us that other cameras were not allowed as the flash from another camera could ruin our pictures. So we politely told people to refrain from taking pictures and explained the situation. A few weeks after we tried contacting her for the photos. We got ghosted. We tried for about a year to track her down. We were still willing to pay for the photos, even unedited. We just wanted the photos. Fortunately, some people didn’t get the message, so we have a few (10-20) photos from our wedding.DarwinsLoveChild

Meddling Mothers-in-Law:

Letting my mother-in-law have any say in anything. She ruined the food.Amrothnimrodel

Punishing weather:

Having an outdoor wedding in August in South Carolina. Timing necessitated it. Otherwise, I loved my wedding and love my wife.BuckleUpItsThe Keep this next regret in mind if you're planning your own wedding!

Outdated mailing methods:

Paper invitations and RSVPs. Set up a wedding site and have people RSVP there. The amount of stress I put myself through trying to get paper mailed back to me in an era when no one uses mail anymore was so unnecessary. At one point we’d gotten very few RSVPs back, and I had a total crying meltdown about how no one was going to come. Of course, they were going to come; it’s just no one uses mail anymore. Save yourself the headache and the money. It’s my biggest wedding regret.shirleysparrow

No breakfast:

Not having a good breakfast. We got married early in the day on a beach, and all I could think about was how much I wanted a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, and bacon on a toasted English muffin with just a touch of hot sauce!Downvotesdarksouls

Forgetting the ring:

Forgetting my pretty new wedding ring in the bathroom before leaving for the reception dinner an hour away. I didn't realize it until we were nearly there, turned back to get it, and then we were extremely late for dinner. Oops!torva_xanth

A lack of photos:

Not taking a picture. We just did a quick wedding for legal purposes with my friend presiding and aunt and uncle as witnesses. It was a nice little sweet ceremony that lasted about 10 minutes over a nice area with a view before we went to dinner. Didn't realize we hadn't taken any pictures until like a week later when we wanted to show someone. Whoops.pounds

Unnatural hairstyles:

This will sound petty, but I regret wearing my hair up. It felt so unlike me, and the sticky layers of hairspray wouldn't brush out when I got undressed that night.SuzQP This next regret is one that nearly every married couple has felt to some extent.

Obligatory invites:

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Inviting people I didn't really want to invite. They just cost you money, you don't interact with them at all, and they usually don't bring a nice gift to make up for it. EXCEPT for letting all of the divorced aunts and uncles bring +1's. Because that let to a whole jealousy competition train that was extremely entertaining.Arctic_Walrus

Not being present in the moment:

The preacher started coaching me on "what's next" as my gorgeous bride-to-be was walking down the aisle. I did not get to take in what was the most beautiful woman I ever saw walk down the aisle because I was trying to pay attention to what he was saying.Dad_AF

No photos (again!):

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Not hiring a photographer. We thought we’d save money and just ask friends to take lots of pictures. They took some, but I have maybe 5 pictures worth looking at. No pictures of the cake or table settings. I kind of remember what they look like. The only decent pic of my husband and I has our flower girl in it. She’s sweet, and I love her, but it looks like she’s our kid. Every time people see the photo, they’re like “I didn’t know you had an older child." Hire a photographer, people!pm-me-puppypics

Lack of preparation:

Not preparing a speech. I thought I'd just go up, thank everyone for coming and sit back down. Short and sweet, get it out the way. That's exactly what I did, without mentioning my parents or my wife.spideyismywingman

An overzealous photographer:

For me, it was not telling the photographer to chill out a bit. It felt like every 30-45 min they were pulling us out of the reception to take more photos.bangersnmash13 This next regret may surprise you (especially if you love cupcakes).


Making cupcakes instead of buying a cake. We did a lot of DIY — made the beer and mead for toasts, assembled flowers, and centerpieces — because it was cheaper but also we like making things. But the cupcakes, in retrospect, were a ton of work and not that great.alltheerinyes

Not hiring cleaners:

Not paying for a cleaning company at my venue. Me, my wife, and the wedding party had to stay 2 hours later to clean up to get our deposit back.Sarnick18

No Elvis:

Not hiring an Elvis impersonator. Flew all the way to Vegas to get married, didn’t get Elvis. Oh well.DoomWillTakeUsAll

Vertical video:

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We eloped, and I don't regret that at all. When my husband and I were in our B&B room having our own personal champagne toast I was recording it with my phone and I recorded it in vertical instead of horizontal orientation. When I uploaded it to the computer and created a whole photos-video thing with footage from our ceremony it totally ruined the aesthetic. This is my greatest regret.Anseriformes


I wish I had walked slower down the aisle to my (now) husband. My dad and I both naturally take long strides when we walk, so what was supposed to be a 1-2 minute-long walk of suspense turned into a brisk 20-30-second stroll.Dayoldpancakes Know anyone who's getting married soon? Share this with them!