Identity is an incredibly personal thing. If someone tells me they're gay, I'm going to believe them, because each of us knows ourselves the very best. Unfortunately for Martina Big, there are limits to that generous spirit when it comes to identity though, and that limit is probably the point at which someone says they've "become black."

Who is Martina Big and why is this relevant to her life? Oh boy, you're gonna need to sit down for this one. Not only has Martina Big made some significant changes to her appearance, but she also claims an identity that might leave you scratching your head. That's right, Martina Big has "become black" and now identifies as a black woman. Wowsers, bowsers there's a lot to unpack there. Are you ready for the full story? Because we most certainly are.

This is Martina Big.

Or at least that's what she used to look like. She's changed just a little bit since that photo was taken.

It's only been three years, but the transformation is startling.

Martina used to be an aspiring model in Germany, with classic German looks – pale skin, blonde hair, light eyes.

Blondes apparently don't have more fun.

Or at least that's what Martina thinks. Her blonde hair was not the only thing she ditched...

"My eye color has changed. My eyebrow color has changed. And I can feel in myself that I am changing."

Ooh, what could be next?

And yes we are drawing out this reveal.

Because something this bananas must be savored.

This is Martina Big today.


Let's back up for a second. How exactly does this work?

She says the process started when she wanted to get a tan and found an injection that would protect her skin while making the tan darker. She apparently went a little overboard in the tanning process.

"It worked really well on me."

Martina and her husband (pictured here) apparently had the exact same injection, the same three times. Yet, things turned out a little differently for the two of them.

Wait this is ALL because of melanotan injections?

Here's where it goes truly off the rails. Martina claims that her skin didn't just get darker. Her eyes changed color. Her hair changed color and texture. Sorry, but I'm throwing some side eye at that.

The very best part?

Apparently, Martina didn't even have a problem with her appearance before. She said that she admired the curves of black women, but didn't see an issue with how she looked.

Well that was a wild story...

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. "I can feel myself changing into a black woman," says Martina. Hold up, Martina. That's not how race works.

No, she's not walking this back.

"100% a black woman, I'm very sure." Oh, no. Martina, stop now.

You just don't understand.

Of course, Martina does mention that it's hard to find the right words to explain what she's feeling. What a surprise.

This whole interview is wild.

At least John Barrowman asks the question we're all wondering about. "Internally, what made you identify as a black woman?"

And she has no answer.

"Being black is not only being a different color." Yes, Martina. We're aware – which is why we're not 100% down with you claiming this new identity.

She went to Kenya once, it's fine!

Martina does specify that she now has more in common with black people than with white people and that she's learned all about the culture and heritage because she visited Kenya this year. This is an even worse excuse than "I have a black friend."

This interview is gold.

Watching these poor hosts try to explain black culture is certainly a trip. Who knew that a pair of very white, very British people would have to explain to a confused German lady that you can't learn to be black?

For Martina it works much better...

Martina's husband jumps in and defends her choices here, and then goes even further. He talks about how he wishes it had worked on him the way it had worked on her. Yikes!

The final kicker

You thought there couldn't be any more twists and turns to this story but we've found one for you! According to Martina's doctor, if she has babies they will also be black.

That's not how this works.

As expected, when Martina drops this knowledge it floors the interviewers. This isn't what I remember from high school biology. So they have to ask... if the baby is white would you still be ok?

Don't worry, Martina doesn't care about race.

Even if it's "chocolate milk" she'll still feel close to it, but she's confident it will be black.

Wait why is this so bad?

Let's back up for a minute. Sure this is a wild story, but there's something underneath it all that's a little more damaging. Check out this video by Kat Blaque to learn more about the issues around being "transracial", but let's suffice it to say that there's a lot at stake here, from who can "change" race, to the differences between race and gender.

We've done this before with Rachel Dolezal.

As Blaque brings up in her video, we've heard the same kind of story before when Rachel Dolezal claimed she was black as an identity. While Martina's story seems to be less politically charged, we can look to analyses of Dolezal to remember that someone raised white doesn't have the history of grappling with race relations.

Not only that...

But there are some troubling overlaps and arguments about transgender folks. The difference? Transgender people share that they feel they didn't make a choice about their gender, while women like Martina are choosing their race.

"Your body your choice."

John Barrowman ends the interview asking if Martina is happy, saying it's her choice. But it's one thing to change your body and another to claim you're part of a culture.

Do what you want with your body...

But understand that the meaning you assign to those changes is deeper than your personal choice. You might be able to change your skin or your appearance, but most people can't just change their race.

Politics aside, this story is wild.

Imagine trying to get a tan and ending up with a completely different skin color.

We're kind of glad that Martina is happy.

If you want to have dark skin, then get it.

But this whole thing was a roller coaster.

I'm exhausted over here. I can't stand these emotional ups and downs!

Honestly, only one thing will haunt me here:

How does she think she'll have biracial children???