Video Shows Maryland Police Screaming at and Threatening Crying 5-Year-Old

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Horrifying footage showing Maryland police officers screaming at a distressed 5-year-old has gone viral today.

Scroll on to watch for yourself…

Now, police brutality has long been an issue here in the states.

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For too long now, U.S law enforcement has been riddled with unnecessary force and violence, particularly among minority communities.

Rather than serving and protecting their communities…

Far too many officers are instead abusing their power and privilege, rather than using it for the better.

The Black Lives Matter protests that happened across the country last year provided perfect evidence of this.

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There were some officers who, instead of looking out for and supervising the protestor’s safety, responded with needless violence.

It doesn’t help that countless lives have been lost at the hands of police brutality, too.

George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are just 2 of the lives needlessly lost at the hands of violent police officers.

So, when footage started circulating today of Maryland police officers threatening a vulnerable child…

People were quite rightly outraged, but sadly not too surprised.

The body camera footage, which was released on Friday by the Montgomery County Police Department, shows 2 officers stopping the child on a street…

Before forcing him into the back of their squad car while telling him he’s going to be physically punished.

“Does your mama spank you? They need to spank you today,” one officer can be heard telling the child.

“I would have been beaten 9 times before I got home,” the other officer says as the child cries. “Don’t nobody want to hear that, ain’t nobody listening.”

The distraught child was eventually taken back to East Silver Spring Elementary School…

But even there, the officers continued to taunt him.
“I hope your momma let me beat you,” one of the officers tells him.

When the child’s mother arrives, the officers sit down and encourage her to hit him as punishment, saying:

“We want you to beat him.”
When his mother refuses, one of the officers pulls out a pair of handcuffs and places them on the child, in what appears to be an attempt to frighten him.
“If somebody tells you to sit down and shut up, any adult, you better sit down and shut up,” he tells the boy.

The boy’s mother, pictured below, has since sued the department, NBC News reported.

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The police department said it had launched an internal investigation into the matter.

Montgomery County Department of Police claimed that an internal investigation into the matter was launched after they received a complaint about the officers’ conduct.

The findings of the investigation, however, are being kept confidential, and both officers remain employed.

The department said it would not provide any further comment due to pending litigation.

You can watch the footage above.
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