When it comes to dog clothes, people are very divided. While some people hate the idea of dressing their dog up in clothes, others are thrilled by it.

Well, if your someone who loves to dress your dog up then you certainly won't want to miss this!

A shop is taking clothes for dogs to a whole new level as they are now selling matching bathrobes for humans and their pet pooches. The products are being sold on Etsy by the company, The Posh Paws Company.

A description of the owner's bathrobes on the site reads: "Our owner's dressing gown/robe are beautifully made with quality fabrics. They have a collar or hood with two front pockets and a tie belt. These gowns are available as matching owner and doggy dressing gown sets."

The doggy bathrobe is described as: " Individually handmade. Doggy dressing gown/robe, beautifully made with quality fabrics. They have a collar and front leg sleeves. No fasteners used for extra comfort. Cozy after bath time, or for those snug evenings and duvet days."

Reviews of the products appear to be very positive, with people absolutely loving their matching bathrobes.

"The robes are excellent! They fit great and look so cute on my dog! She was able to custom make a robe for my dog (who will be Flower Girl at my wedding) that will match my bridesmaid's robes! I highly recommend this shop!" one person wrote.

"Would highly recommend this product! Really good quality and looks adorable!" another person wrote.

And a third person added: "Would highly recommend this product! Really good quality and its the cosiest robe I've ever had!! Would definitely buy again."

Prices start from $38 for the extra small dog version of the robe stretch up to $62 for the extra-large version.

The colors available include pink, red, white, plum, navy... and you can even get a patterned version.

The shop also gives buyers the opportunity to customize their robe with personal lettering for an additional cost.

What do you think about matching bathrobes with your dog? Will you be placing an order?