Matthew McConaughey Booked His Own ‘We’re Texas’ Fundraiser and Raises $7.8 Million

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Matthew McConaughey has booked his own “We’re Texas” fundraiser and has raised a staggering $7.8 million…

Which simply adds to the long list of incredible achievements this man has accomplished.

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But first, let’s rewind a few years.

Now, Matthew McConaughey is best known for being one of Hollywood’s most loved actors…

And he has graced our screens since the 1990s.

He’s made quite a name for himself over the years.

He has starred and co-starred in movies such as How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days (2003), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), Magic Mike (2012), Dallas Buyers Club (2013), and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) which have all demonstrated how he is such a versatile actor.

But alongside his talents on-screen…

Matthew is also known for being a generous and compassionate person.

For example…

Last year, the actor decided to give a little back to the quarantined residents at The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living facility in his home-town of Texas.

While other celebrities of his status had been filming themselves singing and complaining about being isolated in their mansions during the pandemic…

McConaughey decided to use his voice to spread joy in a slightly different – yet more effective – way to the others.

The actor, seen here towards the bottom right corner, decided to host a virtual version of bingo where residents who were self-isolating in their rooms could all join in via a giant Zoom video call.

Joined by his mom, wife, and 2 children, McConaughey hosted the virtual game where he enthusiastically called out numbers and declared any potential winners.

And he wasn’t finished there!

Matthew and his wife, Camilla, worked closely with Bethenny Frankel’s disaster relief initiative BStrong to ensure first responders across the United States were getting masks and supplies they needed in the height of the pandemic.

They donated 80,000 face masks to organizations in between Austin and New Orleans…

As well as 110,000 masks to rural hospitals in Texas.
Simply amazing.

And now, Matthew has just gone and outdone himself…

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Yet again!

Fans have been left touched by the actor’s efforts and generosities with his latest fundraising stint…

The actor opened his “We’re Texas” virtual fundraiser on March 21st…

A virtual concert to raise money towards Texans affected by the catastrophic winter storms last month.

Through the benefit, Matthew and Camilla raised money for many organizations…

Including the Austin Disaster Relief Network, Meals on Wheels Central Texas, The Salvation Army, Save the Children, St. Bernard Project, and Team Rubicon disaster relief.​

The actor said in a release, as per CNN:

“A lot of Texans are hurting right now. After the disaster of the worst freeze here in over seventy years, so many are still without clean water, and unable to repair water damage that has made their homes unlivable. One of my favorite things about Texans is that we like to help ourselves, and while that spirit is still alive and well, a lot of Texans can’t help themselves right now unless we help them. The ‘We’re Texas’ virtual event features an all-star lineup of Texas talent for a night to restore Texas. It’s time.”

A whole host of famous faces joined in for the event:

Including Post Malone, Kelly Clarkson, Don Henley, and Randy Rogers.

And of course, the virtual concert was a roaring success…

And it gained more than 1.2 million views on YouTube all while raising a staggering $7.8 million for his Just Keep Livin Texas Relief Fund.

But behind the scenes, Matthew did so much more.

He booked, co-wrote, and produced the entire fundraiser himself and he encouraged his millions of fans to donate as much as they could to help those in need.
What a guy!

Congratulations on the success, Matthew.

You can check out the concert here.