Maya Rudolph Is Ready to Report for Duty as Kamala Harris on SNL

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Last night, Joe Biden announced his official presidential running mate – and everyone on Twitter thought the same thing…

He confirmed his running mate for the November presidential election – and people had a lot of thoughts.

California senator Kamala Harris.

She began her career at the Almeda County District Attorney’s Office.

Although Harris received criticism during her time at this job due to her tough-on-crime policies.

It’s clear Harris is hugely progressive in many other political fields.

Harris is the first African American and the first Asian American to be chosen for this role, ever.

Although, in the current political climate, some others had issues with Harris’s past work on criminal law.

This is Biden’s third attempt at the job, having previously run in both 1988 and in 2008, before becoming vice president to Barack Obama.

He came from relatively humble, blue-collar roots.

After graduating from law school in 1968, he became a member of the Democrat party before being elected to the New Castle County Council in ’70.

Very few people thought he’d get in, but, after a campaign organized mostly by family, Biden won, making him the fifth-youngest U.S. senator elected in the nation’s history.

And it wasn’t long before his Presidential ambitions kicked in.

Biden had been suffering severe headaches during the campaign, and shortly after he dropped out the following year, doctors discovered that he had 2 life-threatening brain aneurysms.

Biden decided to run for president once again. However, despite his experience in the Senate, his campaign failed to gain momentum.

Seeing him go head to head with Donald Trump.

Although many on Twitter had one overriding reaction to Biden’s choice…

“I love going to the show any excuse I can get … I just didn’t really anticipate traveling during this pandemic, but if there’s anyone who can work it out I’m sure Lorne has some kind of invisible helicopter that can get me there. Ever since I was a kid truly I wanted to be on any kind of SCTV, Saturday Night Live, and I can’t believe that I got to work there and I can’t believe that it’s my family still and I’m so thrilled that I got to go back. It’s my favorite place to play.” Sounds like it’s all systems go! Want more from Biden’s campaign trail? Scroll on…