Couple Who Pointed Guns at BLM Supporters Pose With Brand New AR-15

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Mark McCloskey was ordered to surrender the semi-automatic rifle he pointed at BLM protesters last year…

And now, just days later, he’s posted a photo to Twitter with his brand new AR-15.

The attorney, who is now running for Missouri senator, shared a post on Saturday showing off his most recent purchase.

The McCloskeys were bashed online after pointing their guns at protesters as they walked by their home last year.

They later claimed the “mob” intended to kill them and burn down their mansion… Although that was quickly found to be untrue.

They pleaded guilty last week to assault and harassment charges and ordered to pay $3,000.

In order to spare themselves jail time, Patricia McCloskey surrendered her handgun and Mark McCloskey gave up his rifle.

Mark McCloskey later agreed he put protesters in “imminent fear of physical harm. That’s what the guns were for.”

He then said he would “do the same thing again.”
He also admitted to holding one of his neighbors “at gunpoint” a few years ago for cutting across the neighborhood.

The prosecutor, Richard Callahan, admitted in a statement that their plea was reasonable as no shots were fired and they did call the police.

“The protesters were a racially mixed and peaceful group, including women and children, who simply made a wrong turn on their way to protest in front of the mayor’s house,” said Callahan’s statement.
What do you think about their controversial views on the rights to bear arms?