McDonald’s Is Giving Out Free Fries Every Week For The Rest Of 2018

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As if this time of year isn’t gluttonous enough without the offer of free fries at McDonalds. Friday’s have just got more exciting, now you’re given free fries with your McDonald’s meal just by downloading the app on your phone…you’re going to want to download McDonald’s app on your phone ASAP. Once you do, you’ll be able to access tons of great deals that will make getting your greasy, salty, Mac-sauce fix even better.

Sure, like everything these days, it’s merely a marketing ploy to get you to download the app, but as far as marketing ploys go, this is a fairly decent one…they don’t have to give away free stuff for a whole month, but they are! So get stuck in and take advantage of this generosity with some beautifully salty (and free) snacks. Other fast food restaurants are going to have to raise their game…

The Deal

There’s one coupon on the App in particular you will want to use week after week: a free medium fry EVERY FRIDAY. All you have to do is download the app, and make a purchase of at least $1. Hello Dollar Menu!

McDonald’s are killing it

The promotion was the perfect way to ring in National French Fry Day. In order to redeem the coupon for free fries, you must download and register for the McDonald’s app

Hmmmm Fries.

Some of the other notable offers from the app include: “Get A Sandwich For $1”, “Get A McDouble For $1”, and “$1 Any Size Coffee.” The deals vary as far as when they are offered — some available everyday, and others just one specific day of the day. The coupons can be scanned in stores or applied to mobile orders.

Not just loved in this country

In Japan they have “Fry parties” and judging from this picture the theme is very simple. Eat as many fries as is humanly possible.


The fry deal is available on Fridays until December 30, 2018, so you have plenty of time to chow down on a free medium fry. Nothing is better is McDonald’s fries, except of course, if they’re free!

The App

It’s a simple as a click of the button. If you’re unable to download an App, do you even deserve free fries?

More Fries…

It’ll make you look forward to the best day in the week (Friday) that little bit more…


Exciting times! What a generous company McDonald’s is…fries are vegetarian too, so no harm to any animals with this deal…

Not enough hands in the world

If only you had more than two hands to shovel those golden potato strips into your mouth. That’d be the life…

Friday feeling!

Really want to show your excitement, learn how to do a flip. Nothing says happy more than a food induced backflips.

Going overboard?

Although, with such a generous and tasty deal, it’ll be easy to lose sight of yourself and go overboard…keep an eye on your waist line.

Don’t forget the rest of the menu

Chicken Nuggets…also available of course…because, a diet of only fries is just..unhealthy…

“Chicken” Nuggets

And to be honest, they’re probably vegetarian too…

Big Mac

Never forget the range of burgers they have on the menu…are you a pickly person? Or a non-pickle person….?

Don’t get too generous

Don’t let the offer of free fries tickle your generosity bones…remember, they’re YOUR free fries.

Become a regular?

Get so familiar with the restaurant you’re basically part of the family.

Not creepy at all…

There’s nothing creepy at all about the McDonald’s mascot…what an inviting character, luring you into his eatery.

Like a horror movie.

Stephen King probably drew inspiration from him for the book (and movie) “It”.

Make it look good

If you can make eating a burger look good, you can make anything look good. Take up the challenge!

Make it look really good…

It’s not too hard to make eating fries look beautiful. Do you even need to use your hands?

Every Friday is like a birthday.

Yup. Friday’s aren’t just symbolic of the weekend coming anymore, they’re now a weekly birthday party in which you feel like the most special person in thr world.

The Competitors

Of course there are other resturants out there…don’t forget the likes of KFC in which it’s totally normal to eat directly out of a bucket.


The classic burrito. A variation of the burger, but not quite as…burgerous? Is that a word? If it isn’t, it should be.

Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes!

Fries aren’t the only delicious form the potato can take. Deep fry them in all different shapes and sizes.


The classic chip, another glorious deep fried form of the potato. What a vegetable!

Not these chips

These chips are good too…but, you can’t really compete with food…

Get lost in them

Be good to yourself (while being bad to your body) by losing yourself in McDonald’s fries. What a treat!