McDonald’s Let Its Employees Watch the Eclipse, But There Was a Pretty Big Catch | 22 Words

Did the eclipse totally rock your world?

Nerds and non-nerds alike seem to have really embraced Earth's most recent solar event.

So much so that even McDonald's decided to give its employees a rare opportunity to step away from their posts and take in the lights out experience. But, you know, with a catch.

Unsurprisingly, Redditors are ripping them to shreds for it.

Today, all anyone can talk about is this eclipse.

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Did you catch it? Please say yes. Also, please tell us you used some kind of eye protection because no one likes a burned retina.

Many employers even gifted employees the rare chance to slip away and enjoy the rare solar event. One of those employers was McDonald's.

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But there were some serious strings attached.

One McDonald's restaurant posted a sign saying they'd close for the eclipse so their employees could enjoy it. But only from 1:17pm-1:20pm.

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That's it. Three whole minutes. Take it or leave it, people.

It didn't take long for Reddit to get ahold of the sign and start giving its ridiculously specificity all of the eye rolls.

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Reading this sign does feel like being slapped in the face with a backhanded compliment. Not a great look, Mickey D's.

To be fair, this eclipse isn't necessarily a "once in a lifetime" event.

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Google says every calendar year offers Earthlings a minimum of four eclipse viewing opportunities. Sure, they don't all happen along an accessible latitude, but they do exist. Technicalities aside, Redditors found all sorts of creative ways to continue ripping this McDonald's eclipse viewing announcement to shreds.

Playing devil's advocate for a minute, this sign does feel pretty on-brand for a company as obsessed with organization and workflow as McDonald's.

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I watched The Founder. Ray Kroc knew how to build a burger empire, and it didn't happen by slacking off. That said, they seem to be a more than a little obsessed with the whole efficiency thing.

Maybe even too obsessed with efficiency.

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Honestly, that does not sound fun. In fact, that sounds like the opposite of fun.

What's that called again?

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Exactly. Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Apparently, McDonald's isn't the only chain that forces its employees through this kind of rigmarole.

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Do we want to know? (Obviously.)

If this is still the case, working at Johnny Rockets sounds like our worst nightmare.

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That's a lot of dancing.

McDonald's sure knows how to foster employee happiness.

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Sounds like a tagline of some dystopian summer blockbuster. Can you say product placement?

Poor phrasing aside, we certainly hope the McDonald's employees at this branch took full advantage of their leisurely three minute break.

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Who knows? Maybe three minutes was all it took to change each and every one of their lives.

Or, because it's McDonald's...

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Yeah. That sounds like something McDonald's would do.

Another McDonald's chain gifted its employees a full 10 minutes of viewing time.

Which, at this point, sounds super luxurious in comparison.

What do you think about McDonald's eclipse closures?

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Even if you weren't gifted a McDonald's-esque chance to catch the eclipse today, check out a playback online. You'll get to enjoy the break and your retinas too.