McDonald’s Will Axe Plastic Cutlery and Replace It With Wooden Alternatives

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It’s no secret that plastic is truly damaging our planet.

We humans use plastic on a day-to-day basis and it is this excessive use that is the problem.

But now, McDonald’s – the biggest fast-food chain in the world – has announced they will be axing plastic cutlery and replacing it with wooden alternatives.

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We should all, by now, be aware of the devastating effects plastic has on our planet.

The material, which is not biodegradable or recyclable, has been clogging up our oceans, littering our environments, and suffocating our animals for decades.

About one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually across the globe, and more than half a billion plastic straws are used every day.

The good, old-fashioned plastic bottle.

And the ones that avoid this fate end up on our beaches and in our oceans.

In recent years, more and more people have been taking to beaches and other damaged areas to rid the ground and the oceans of single-use plastic waste.

More people are cutting down on their plastic use by investing in environmentally-friendly alternatives, such as reusable water bottles and coffee cups.

But despite all the good these volunteers do, there are still people out there who seemingly don’t care about saving our planet.

And many simply discard this plastic into general waste bins instead of recycling.

As well as using plastic bottles and straws, many fast-food chains provide plastic cutlery for customers.

The environmental impact of plastic cutlery is shocking

It contributes to the pollution of waterways, heightens the carbon footprint, endangers wildlife, damages air pollution, and it can even be harmful to our health.

Millions of companies and businesses in the hospitality industries around the world save a tonne of money by using plastic cutlery… but at what price will it cost to save our planet?

It seems that finally, change is happening…

And that’s all thanks to the one and only McDonald’s.

The company revealed the incredible news at a national plastics summit hosted by federal Environmental Minister Sussan Ley in Canberra today (2nd March).

This is in a bid to reduce landfill waste, which is what many countries around the world are tackling at the moment.

Kylie Freeland, McDonald’s Australia supply chain and sustainability director, released a statement about the move, saying, “We’re committed to being an industry leader in sustainable practices, ultimately using our scale for good to positively impact challenges facing the communities we operate in.”

“By removing plastic straws and cutlery from McDonald’s restaurants, we are continuing to reduce our environmental footprint and will be removing more than 860 tonnes of plastic from our system,” she went on to say.

This announcement comes after McDonald’s conducted a 3-month trial with wooden cutlery in 9 outlets across New Zealand last year.

As per the New Zealand Herald, the Boomerang Alliance and the World Wide Fund Australia said plastic enters Australian oceans at a rate of 130,000 tonnes a year, and with plastic recycling rates only reaching nine percent, they stated federal and state governments must intervene where the market has failed.

And we can only cross our fingers for this much-needed change to happen very soon. Keep scrolling to learn the amazing method that Italian bars have been using to prevent wasting plastic…