Meet Francesca the 4-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Who Is Not Afraid to Be Herself

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As the fashion industry gets more and more inclusive, we are seeing more beautiful and unique models appear on billboards as well as catwalks, and this change has had a positive impact on children born with genetic disorders.

Now, this model with Down Syndrome is making waves with her infectious smile.

Keep scrolling to see her in action on the runway… I can guarantee this will brighten up your day.

It’s been there for a very long time: despite calls for change, the same kinds of models crop up over and over again.

Instead of diversity, we see white models with one body type, one skin type, and complexion.

There are many people across the world, and while every one of us is affected by the fashions we buy, so few of us are truly represented.

People are asking to see models of varying races, models of every body type and beyond.

Down’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder that is completely impossible to prevent.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year in the United States, around six-thousand babies are born with Down’s syndrome, equating to around 1 in every 700 babies born.

Heart, intestinal, ear, nose, throat, or thyroid issues can sadly come hand in hand with someone who lives with Down’s syndrome.

And many assume that these people are incapable of living a life of their own and succeeding… which is not at all the case.

A 4-year-old model with Down Syndrome who, from a young age, has already started making waves in a long-standing industry.

I mean, starting your dream career at 4-years-old is an accomplishment that we can only dream about, but this little girl has already made it a reality.

Her infectious smile and her charisma has audiences captivated.

Apart from being absolutely gorgeous, she’s winning all of our hearts over with her overwhelming confidence.

She took part in the Junior Super Model and won; and it was onwards and upwards from there.

The show was made to normalize models with disabilities and Francesa shared the stage with other iconic models such as Madeline Stuart, who was the world’s first supermodel with Down syndrome.

Her mom spoke out saying that her daughter feels comfortable on the stage, even while normal 4-year-olds would probably shy away from it.

And each time she has managed to enchant the audience with her smile.

She claims watching her and seeing how happy she is, feels incredible, describing it as “out of this world.”

Oh no, Francesca isn’t just a one-trick pony. She also loves ballet, going to the beach, and playing dress-up with her dolls.

And we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

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