Meghan Markle Found To Be ‘Most Respected’ Royal Among Young People

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Believe it or not, Meghan Markle has been named as one of the “most respected” royals among young people.

A new poll has found that the Duchess of Sussex is generally more respected by young people in the U.K than Kate Middleton.

Conducted by youth health charity Stem4, the poll analyzed the interest that young people had in several celebrities and public figures.

In the survey, which saw 1032 people between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five vote for the names they respect the most, Meghan ranked higher than Kate Middleton.

Meghan counted for twenty-one percent of the votes whereas Kate followed behind with only eleven percent.

The results come despite the controversial headlines Prince Harry and Meghan have attracted in the last year.

The most notable of them all being the couples tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which we learned Meghan had suffered suicidal thoughts and conversations surrounding “how dark” their baby’s skin tone had taken place.

Other royal family members also made the list.

Unsurprisingly, the Queen was the highest voted royal with twenty-six percent of those surveyed voting for her.
Prince Harry also made the list with twenty-one percent of votes and Prince William received eleven percent.

As per Express, founder and CEO at Stem4, Dr Nihara Krause, said, “To earn the respect of young people today you don’t need to earn a fortune or have good looks.”

“It’s far more important that you show bravery, resilience, and compassion for others and for nature. Those are certainly qualities the Queen shares with some of the other names on this list such as David Attenborough. It’s also significant that many of the most admired famous people are those, like Billie Eilish and Prince Harry, who have been open about their  own mental health challenges.”
What do you think? Do you respect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?