Meghan Markle Requested No Photos Were Taken of Her at Wimbledon

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It’s July which means Wimbledon season is well and truly underway. The event has been known for showcasing some of the best tennis matches in history as well as providing a platform for young and upcoming sports stars to emerge. No wonder it’s become one of the most popular hot spots for celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to witness history in the making?

Even the Royals have decided to get on board. The recent addition to the family, Meghan Markle, has hit the headlines for her appearance at Wimbledon… but not just for the fact that she was there supporting her friend. Apparently, the new mother had requested that no photos were to be taken of her at the event and even employed an officer to help follow that through! The public were not happy about it.

Keep reading to find out her reasons for it…

Day 4 of the event saw Serena Williams take on Slovenian youngster, Kaja Juvan, in a fascinating match.

Even though it was looking pretty good for Juvan, who stole the first set, Williams managed to pull it back, taking the second and third to win the match.

The two have been friends for a very long time and have been known for supporting each other publicly.

Both women are active campaigners when it comes to women’s rights. As well as being a prominent tennis star, Serena Williams has been known for her influences on and off the court, especially when it comes to women’s rights. She has defied expectations and paved her own way to become the most powerful woman in tennis.

We all know that Serena has a fiery side and we all got a taste of it when she accused an umpire at the US Open of “sexism,” saying that “men are treated less harshly” than she was during the game. She’s got a point there. Williams vowed that she would “fight for women” in a media conference after the match.

The Dutchess of Sussex is an extremely talented woman. As well as being an actress, she spent her time raising awareness about feminism, sexism, and other social issues that affect the world.

And what better way to support your friends than cheering for them from the sidelines? Meghan looked exceptionally happy on the day, smiling and clapping with two of her other friends.

Since she made this one little request, things have quickly spiraled downwards for the Dutchess.

The public were not too pleased when they heard about her strict “no photo” policy. And that’s putting it nicely.

She even went as far as to hire security officials to stop people from snapping a quick photo of her while she enjoyed the event. This officer was employed to keep an eye out for any sneaky shots being taken of Meghan and her friends while they enjoyed the event.

People couldn’t come to terms with this rule and The Duchess of Sussex was quickly labeled “childish” amongst other, more crude, words. Not okay.

During Good Morning Britain, a popular day time TV show in the UK, Morgan expressed his thoughts on the rule. In a heated rant, the presenter said: “If you want to be private, go back to America and live privately.” Bit harsh there, Piers.

He also added fuel to the fire by tweeting: “It’s absurd for Ms. Markle to demand privacy as she sits in the royal box on a publicly-funded jolly with her mates…” Keep scrolling to see the full video of Piers getting a bit too passionate about the issue…

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, one of the spectators at the event named Sally Jones witnessed first-hand how the crowd reacted to this “photo ban.”

I really wouldn’t want the job of telling people to put their phones away at a public event, so whoever rose up to the challenge was very brave. I mean, it would literally be impossible to keep an eye on everyone at the event, but, according to reports, the officer did a good job of making sure that Meghan was not disturbed.

Lord Mess (@stevemessenbird) had some advice for the Royal: “If you don’t like it [people taking photos]. DON’T GO.”

This is a personal attack on Meghan; it goes way beyond the issue at hand and it seems pretty unfair to make such a bold claim over a small privacy issue.

In professional shots from the event, Meghan can be seen taking photos and signing autographs for people before and after the duration of the event. Some users have noticed that people seem to jump on everything that Meghan Markle does since she became the new addition to the royal family. The negative press surrounding her seems to be overwhelming.

They said: “It’s not unusual for people accompanying Members of the Royal Family at private, or public, events to ask members of the public not to take photographs. It is to enable Members of the Royal Family to engage with people and events.” Do you agree with Meghan’s decision or was it a bit too strict?

And if you don’t understand why some celebrities have strict rules about photographs, have a read of this article that highlights why Jim Carrey refuses to take selfies with fans!