Pastor Says Women Should Be like 'Trophy Wife' Melania Trump | 22 Words

A pastor has been slammed online after saying female congregants to be more like "the epic trophy wife" Melania Trump.

But that's not all he said...

He also had some very humiliating advice for all women in order to help them "keep" their husbands. Not only was it an insult to women and to Melania herself, but it was also an insult to Christianity as a whole.

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Now, is Melania the "perfect" wife?

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It's clear that Melania Trump hasn't had the easiest life, but things changed dramatically for her when she met Donald Trump in 1998. Melania, who is from Slovenia, was working as a model and businesswoman when she met Donald at a party.

He was in the process of divorcing his second wife, Marla Maples, and he didn't waste any time asking her out.

The pair were dating for around 6 years when they became engaged in 2004...

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And they tied the knot in 2005 at a lavish ceremony at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida, followed by a reception in the ballroom at Donald's Mar-a-Lago estate.

Donald already had 4 children from his first 2 marriages...

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And in 2006, his first and only child with Melania was born - Barron William Trump.

The pair seemed to have a happy marriage...

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And there's no doubt that they both enjoy the finer things in life, but this was all to change in 2016...

Donald Trump began his presidential campaign...

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And much to the shock of the entire world, he was elected as the forty-fifth president of the United States in January 2017 - instantly making Melania the first lady.

From the get-go, Melania was clearly struggling to find her feet as the first lady...

And she was very quickly cast aside by her husband's brash ideas as president.

And of course, it didn't take long for the people of America to start criticizing her role.


In comparison to former first lady's such as Michelle Obama, Melania was slammed for not sharing the same passion and charisma, and empathy; and it was clear that as Donald Trump's wife, she never thought she'd be in this position.

Cracks between Melania and Donald soon started showing following his inauguration.

The couple has rarely been seen showing signs of affection toward one another over the last 4 years, and the most recent signs were from the 2020 presidential campaign when Melania was visibly uncomfortable throughout the entire process.

Nevertheless, Melania finished most of her duties promptly...


And has now started a new and quiet chapter in Florida.

However, some people just can't help but drag her name back into the spotlight...

A pastor from First General Baptist Church in Malden, Missouri recently made some comments about the former first lady that left a bad taste in everyone's mouths including fellow Christians who slammed him online.

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During a sermon, Stewart Allen-Clark said this:


"You need to know this. Men have a need for their women to look like women."

Allen-Clark warned women to pay attention to their looks so their husbands "won't stray."


Like Melania's husband, right? Yeah, didn't think so.

The pastor continued:


"I'm not saying every woman can be the epic, the epic trophy wife of all time, like Melania Trump. I'm not saying that at all," he said as he called up an image of her on the screen behind him. "Most women can't be trophy wives, but you know like her, maybe you're a participation trophy."

"You don't need to look like a butch either," he added.


He ended it with: "This is something you need to know. Men want their women to look good at home and in public... Sweats ain't going to cut it."

He also added that flip-flops and pajamas weren't either.

After his twenty-minute sermon gained attention, he was put on leave and is now said to be getting "counseling."

The General Baptist Ministries, which includes Allen-Clark's church, slammed the minister's comments as "not consistent with the positions and values of General Baptists," who "believe that every woman was created in the image of God and they should be valued for that reason."

Here's the full clip:

We're in 2021, that 1950's sexism isn't a cute look anymore, you got that?

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