19 Memes You'll Only Get if Your Life is Super Awkward | 22 Words

Everyone goes through an awkward phase, but most of them grow out of it eventually.

You? You're special. Your awkward phase has continued for years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

So...that's awkward.

On the bright side, at least there are plenty of memes on the Internet for you to enjoy, right? In fact, here are a bunch of 'em!

Why did I say that?

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This is right up there with saying "you too!" to the movie theater employee when they tell you to enjoy the show. At least it gives you something to think about while you're trying to fall asleep, right?


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I'm convinced there is no good way to end a conversation. That's why I've stopped getting into them in the first place.

Oh no.

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At least you tried. You made everything way, way worse. But you tried.

I've made a huge mistake.

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What was I thinking when I agreed to go out tonight? Did I think I had suddenly become a completely different person?! This next meme is a best-case scenario for truly awkward people.


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Oh no. Dang. What a bummer. I was so looking forward to being surrounded by people who I'm convinced are judging me.

Juuuust in case.

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OK, so I care a little* about what people think. *a whole whole lot.

I'm gonna need to think about this for awhile.

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If you think you feel awkward about this now, just wait until it randomly pops back into your head 10 years after you've graduated and you can't stop thinking about it.

Dis me:

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I also enjoy getting into imaginary arguments in the shower and second-guessing whether someone is waving at me or at someone behind me.

I'm a genius.

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Two tries?! I refuse to believe that. It usually takes me at least three. Next up is a meme that may feel like a personal attack.

Give me food!

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I'm immediately suspicious of anyone who tries to befriend me. Unless they have a Snickers bar with them. Then I know they're good people.

I'll take "Awkward Encounters" for $200.

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"OK, if you insist... I'm not really sure why I decided to come on this game show because I am cripplingly awkward and am sure to make a fool of myself. I'd really love it if we could just move onto Double Jeopardy. Actually, I think I'll just go home now. Thank you."

It's a delicate balance.

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But if you don't say something, they'll think you're not listening, or you don't care! It's hard being human, huh?

What does this lever do?

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Why are there so many different kinds of showers? There should just be one kind of shower. You turn it on, and it's the perfect temperature.

So awkward.

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What was the most awkward moment of my life? Oh...just...all of it. This next meme is a little too real.

What is music?

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Music? I love it. I could not name a single piece of music if you gave me one million dollars, but I sure do like it!

I can't even walk right.

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This is the perfect opportunity to fake getting a phone call so you can turn around and go back home. Let's be honest. You'd rather be there anyway.

Have they been secretly filming me?

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The only thing worse than this maneuver is when you think you've found your in and you start telling a story. Only to realize that no one is actually listening to you and you are talking into the ether.

Unhappy birthday.

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I've managed to avoid this for every birthday so far, but if it ever happens, I think I'm just going to stop having birthdays altogether. That's the only reasonable response, right?


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It's worse if you actually know the person but just don't feel like talking for whatever reason, and you have to pretend you didn't notice them in the first place. Share this with a fellow awkward person!