30 Men Who Are Absolutely Crushing the Self Care Game | 22 Words

Let's face it: when people hear the term self-care they usually think of women. Women are especially good at self-care, you can bet on any random Tuesday night at least 40% of us are watching Netflix in a face mask, but self-care isn't just for girls. In fact, self-care doesn't even just mean slapping on some fancy face cream.

Self-care is all about taking care of yourself the way you need it. For some people, that might mean a pedicure. For others, it might mean diving into a good book. For some people, it might just mean finishing off the Nutella straight from the jar.

But it's not gendered specific! Men can and should self-care just as a hard as the ladies do. How they do it is up to them!

Here are some men who totally get the self-care thing and are pampering themselves however they see fit and looking great doing it.

This guy is treating himself to a face mask and some bonding time.

It's never too early to teach your kids about self-care.

Guys: treat yourself to a trip to Sephora. Seriously.

Why should women be the only ones who get to know the magic of liquid eyeliner and a good foundation?

Not ready for a full make-over just yet? This guy knows even just a fresh beard trim can do wonders for your face.

Treat yourself to neat, orderly beard hairs.

Self-care means different things for different people, but for this guy, it's keeping his pores clean.

Who wants an oily face?

This man knows that taking care of his nails makes him feel better.

It may be a little thing, but looking down to see nice, clean, healthy nails can change your whole day.

Some guys even go so far as to treat themselves to a manicure.

This guy is very proud of his. Although, maybe he should be looking at the road and not his nails while he's driving.

Want a pedicure but scared to go alone? Grab a buddy and make it a date!

Here's a secret most guys don't know: those chairs are amazing.

Be honest, dudes: how well do you take care of your teeth?

This guy knows self-care means avoiding an emergency trip to the dentist chair.

This guy is taking dental self-care to the next level.

Rock those pearly whites! And look like a robot while you do it! Win-win!

This guy had a whole day of self-care.

Dudes: if you've never bought yourself flowers it's time to start. There's nothing quite like a fresh bouquet from your number one to brighten up your living room, even if your only other decor is your Xbox.

Brow maintenance isn't just for the ladies.

I believe the children would call his brows "on fleek"?

Get yourself a sexy ocean photo shoot.

Loving yourself for who you are is self-care. All the better if who you are is someone having fun in the ocean and looking good doing it.

Guys: ever had a facial?

This guy knows it's a truly transcendent experience.

Getting a pedicure is even better than a manicure and men should be doing it as often as possible

This guy knows what's up.

Self-care means letting yourself feel pretty!

This flower beard is amazing!

Sometimes self-care just means taking yourself out to do something nice.

This guy gave himself a day at the beach.

Self-care isn't all about beauty treatments. This guy knows sometimes you just need a night to yourself.

Just you, a beer, a fried food: the perfect evening.

This guy is totally embracing that bath life.

Baths are amazing and every guy should be taking them.

This guy knows they are the perfect place to get a few chapters in.

Nobody is too manly for a bubble bath.

At least he tried to self-care.

It probably still felt great on his skin, though. And I bet he glows now.

Taking care of your body is the ultimate self-care move.

Guys do yoga, too!

This guy knows self-care means indulging in your favorite hobby.

Knitting is a great way to relax and make a sweater at the same time!

And some guys even take it up a notch.

Hammocking and knitting?! Double the self-care.

This guy is taking time to relax and read a self-help book in the park.

Improving yourself is a huge part of self-care.

Guys finally found out about hand cream.

Their palms will never be the same. (They'll be much silkier!)

Self-care means doing something that makes you feel good.

This guy loves yoga!

Treat yo self!

Who wouldn't want a fresh cupcake? This guy knows he deserves it.

This guy went all out!

A Disney vacation and a giant lollipop? He should be teaching us about self-care.

Sometimes you can't handle your facial hair on your own and that's when self-care steps in.

Keep yourself looking fresh inside and out.

Self-care can get weird.

But not matter how silly you look, if it makes you feel better, you're doing it right.