People are Growing Double Mustaches in Latest Facial Hair Trend

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Lockdown was rough, while the pandemic was in full swing and the boredom began to hit, we did strange things to keep ourselves entertained. However, as we begin to return to normal, some men have taken the lockdown madness into the world and have begun to do strange things with their facial hair.

The world of men’s grooming is particularly uneventful for the most part…

And it’s rare that something will happen which becomes as trendy as often as in the woman’s world, where trends come and go like the tide. However every now and then, something pops up which knocks everyone’s socks off. Enter the double mustache.
The mustache has long reigned supreme as the OG of facial hair. For some, it’s a marker of maturity, pride, and commands deep respect. It dips in and out of fashion, but is known as a timeless choice for men. However, it seems that the male population isn’t just content with one but now wants to double up.

A bizarre new trend has seen men sporting double mustaches and honestly, we don’t know what to think.

The lockdown saw us all go through many hair stages, with many growing out their locks due to the lack of hairdressers available. Everyone took the time to dye their hair a crazy color and when it went wrong shaved it all off. We even saw the return of the mullet (yikes).
However, a new trend has been popping up where people have not only decided to grow one mustache but two.

The look is definitely a choice…

The double-stache look comes in various forms, sometimes beneath the mouth and some shoved in above the lip.
Despite the look obviously being a little strange, people seem to be giving it their all, with some going all out, delicately curling them. Whereas others are going for the rough and ready look.
The effort is pretty outstanding.

But I guess it wasn’t as strange as the “monkey tail” beards which were going to be all the rage.

Don’t know of it? Let me explain. The monkey tail beard is basically when a man grooms his facial hair into a long tail like shape which runs down one sideburn, across the jawline and along the chin, before curling up the side of the mouth and across the upper lip.
This look was donned in 2019, when MLB baseball player Mike Fiers sported the bizarre facial hair for a laugh.
Nevertheless the look soon exploded into a full on trend across social media, with many taking it to wild new heights by adding stripes or making it spiral curl under the chin.

This is an utterly ridiculous trend to say the least.

As far as trends go, this is a strange one and we can only blame lockdown-induced boredom as the culprit for such a thing.
Some people are even going for 3… When will the madness end?!