Men Prefer Hanging out With Their Best Friend Over Their Girlfriend, According to Science

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Ladies, we have some bad news for you. No, you are not imagining it– the verdict is out. Studies show that your boyfriend would rather watch football with his friends, than watch a marathon of The Crown with you. Don’t worry, it’s not your choice of Netflix series that’s keeping him away, it’s you.

You could be watching any show on any afternoon, and your boyfriend still would be sitting there thinking about how much more fun he would be having if he was doing something with his bros.

That’s because science has proven that men prefer the company of their other male friends than their partners. Well, sort of. It’s complicated.

According to a study, men like hanging out with their friends more than their girlfriends.

Just as you always suspected.

“Even if I have really good snacks?”

Yup, even then.

The study published in Men and Masculinities confirms that men really love their friends.

Like, they love them even more than their romantic partners.

For the study they surveyed thirty undergraduate men.

They were asked to rate how they felt about hanging out with their dude friends versus how they felt about hanging out with their partner.

Most of them preferred hanging out with their guy friends.

And there were a variety of reasons listed.

Many of the men said that they preferred the company of fellow bros because they felt they could be more open with them.

With a female partner, men felt they had to act more “macho” and less open.

AKA they had to be the ones to kill spiders even though they were internally screaming just as loud as their girlfriend.

Oh boy, what a burden.

The men felt they could be more relaxed with their guy friends.

They didn’t worry about being “nagged” when they were with their friends.

The men in the survey said they felt more open and less judged with their friends than with their girlfriends.

They felt free to be themselves when hanging out with their friends.

To be fair, the sample size here is a little small.

Most people’s college relationships were probably not the best relationship they’ve ever been in, so it does make sense that a lot of guys weren’t exactly tripping over themselves to get back to their girlfriend’s dorm room. Especially when they could be shotgunning Natty Lights with their bros.

Of the thirty men surveyed, all of them participated in athletics.

And all but one of them were white. So, again, this is a pretty small sample size.

But sample size and age aside, the study found something else interesting.

Men are displaying more emotions and engaging in more physical touch with each other than they were in the past.

Maybe it’s due to the popularity of the “bromance” comedy.

In the last 20 years, TV and movies have really celebrated friendships between men.

Think about Friends.

Who can forget the epic bromance that is Joey and Chandler and their various pet ducks.

Or The Hangover, a movie all about the deep bond that is dude friendship.

And the male bonding ritual that is getting wasted in Vegas.

JD and Turk basically invented bromance on Scrubs.

They even sung about it.

And who can forget the most romantic bromance of them all? Obama and Joe Biden.


The scientists in the study were surprised at the increase in affection between men.

They said, “That study showed that young men openly pronounce love for their bromances and engage in highly intimate behaviors, both emotionally and physically, which have until recently been socially prohibited in same-sex male friendships.”

They found that of the thirty men surveyed, many of them admitted to practicing “no boundaries” behavior with their friends.

Um, does that mean what you think it means? Not exactly.

No, the men surveyed weren’t secretly getting it on with their guy friends behind their girlfriends’ backs.

But they were engaging in other intimate behaviors, some more so than with their girlfriends.

Behaviors included things like sharing secrets.

They couldn’t admit to their girlfriends how much they love watching Bravo, but apparently, their bros understand.

And saying “I love you.”

They may not be able to say those three little words to their significant other, but many of them were comfortable saying it to their bros.

Of the men surveyed twenty-nine of them said they’d shared a bed with their bro.

Cuddle time!

Researchers say this is a huge shift from how men interacted in their friendships even just twenty years ago.

This may be because men worry less about people thinking they are gay.

As homosexuality becomes more accepted, guys apparently don’t care anymore if people can’t pinpoint their sexuality.

So why not hug your bro?

Some researchers have even gone so far to say that men are less focused on being “manly” in the traditional sense, and are more influenced by men who are more in touch with their feelings.

Like boy bands like One Direction or even their favorite YouTubers.

One of the authors of the study thinks that because of shifting attitudes towards masculinity, it’s possible that men will wait even longer to settle down with a romantic partner.

He said, “Where bromances fulfill many of the romantic elements of traditional heterosexual relationships—emotional disclosure, intimacy, and dependency—the social need for early romantic attachment at least is being challenged by young men’s behaviors and attitudes today.”

So basically, men are replacing girlfriends with bros.

Because they are filling their need for emotional intimacy without all the pressure.

So bad news if you’re worried your boyfriend cares more about playing poker with his buds than he does about date night.

Chances are, you’re probably right.

But, ladies, who really needs men? We always have one thing that fulfills our need for emotional intimacy.

Lots of chocolate. What did you think I was going to say?