Men Spend 7 Hours A Year Hiding On Toilet For ‘Peace And Quiet’, New Research Finds

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What would you do to catch a break? For a number of men (in Britain specifically), the answer to that question is “go to the bathroom.”

A new survey shows that the bathroom is a popular destination to unwind. Many men report using it as a place to find some peace and quiet in their homes. It seems like bathrooms are no longer a place to do your business and quickly go! Find out why men see bathrooms as an escape, and why they make such good hiding places.

We all need “me time.”

Usually, that means doing something relaxing by yourself.

And we all use the bathroom.

But what do those two things have in common? More than you’d think!

Kick back and grab a toilet.

We think bathrooms are only used to empty bladders and wash up afterward, but that’s not quite true. Apparently, many men use the bathroom for their own “me time.”

Here’s what the research says:

New research has revealed that men, on average, spend a cumulative total of seven hours a year in the bathroom—just as a form of escape.

But it’s not for a dirty reason.

Knowing that men are sneaking off to the bathroom purposefully might set off alarm bells, but the reason isn’t a particularly inappropriate one.

It’s all in the name of peace and quiet.

In a survey, men reported that they ran off to the bathroom for some down time after a stressful day. 

You’d think there were other places to relax.

For whatever reason, the easiest way to grab a moment of peace for these men is to retreat to the toilet.

The research was commissioned by the company, Pebble Gray.

The bathroom company’s poll was issued to roughly 1,000 men.

And these men cited a number of reasons for their bathroom sanctuaries.

Some pointed to “nagging partners” as the cause.

Others took refuge from kids.

Overly-energetic children left these men in need of a break.

Some were avoiding chores.

Hey, we get it. Nobody likes taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn.

And some just wanted screen time.

Another reason that men cited was the opportunity to use their mobile phones undisturbed. 

Is this overly extreme?

It does seem like an unnecessary measure, to hide in the bathroom for alone time. Then again, just about everyone is guilty of at least the phone excuse, so what can we say?

Bathroom sanctuaries don’t always work.

The same surveyors also discovered that 1 in 10 visits to the bathroom is interrupted.

A spokesperson for Pebble Gray issued a statement.

They said:
We all need a little bit of time to ourselves – to take stock or switch off completely.

Anything is a sanctuary if you try hard enough.

They continued:
And the bathroom appears to be the go-to place for those moments – it’s very much a sanctuary, somewhere we can cut ourselves off from the outside world, albeit just temporarily.

Find peace by any means necessary.

The spokesperson added:
As the results suggest, peace and quiet is sacred and clearly, men take the opportunity to get this where they can – often in the bathroom.

The men who were polled had more to say.

A staggering 45% of the men surveyed said that finding time for themselves is a struggle.

Adulting is hard.

25% of the surveyed men claimed that their partners didn’t appreciate how busy their lives were.

The bathroom is a coping mechanism.

Another 25% said that if they couldn’t get away to the bathroom every now and again, they “don’t know how they’d cope.”

We all need to feel safe.

Then, 23% of the men referred to the bathroom as their “safe place.”

The truth is out.

Next time one of the men in your life heads to the bathroom, it might be a sign that he’s feeling overwhelmed, and needs some alone time.

Feeling surrounded?

A third of the men surveyed said that bathroom time was the only way they got any moments to themselves.

It’s even better with a secret stash.

14% of men said that they stashed magazines, books, and even food in the bathroom for the times they take refuge there.

Keep your space clean!

Despite this information, 44% of the men admitted that their partner was most often the one who cleaned the bathroom.

And their partners agreed.

Another 1,000 women were surveyed, and 72% of them agreed that they were the ones who cleaned the bathroom.

But men aren’t the only ones who take refuge there.

Over a fifth of the women surveyed said that they, too, use the bathroom as a kind of sanctuary to get some peace and quiet.

Many households have a bathroom policy.

It was also determined that 1 in 10 households have a “do not disturb” policy when it comes to someone in the bathroom. Is it any wonder that bathrooms are the sanctuary space?

Why can’t we follow the rules?

85% of the people who have this “do not disturb” rule in the house report still being interrupted. Oh, well! At least they tried.

Is nothing sacred?

Pebble Gray’s spokesperson concluded:
Apparently some things aren’t sacred anymore – including being left alone to use the loo. So it’s no wonder so many households have introduced rules to prevent disturbances. Sadly though it seems few people adhere to this rule or respect the hallowed ground that is the bathroom.