Twitter Goes Into Meltdown as Men Try To Teach Olympic Gold Medalist the ‘Proper’ Way To Hold a Gun

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Vitalina Batsarashkina, a twenty-four-year-old Russian sports shooter, won a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, and people were fascinated with her calm stance as she fired during the competition.

But this also stirred controversy…

Twitter user @Blankzilla shared a picture of Vitalina during the game expressing her astonishment at how calmly she stands with a gun in one hand and the other in her pocket.

The tweet racked up 1.7k comments and 393.1k likes.

One man replied saying: “I love them but also I do not look forward to the shi**y image girl boss comic they will inspire.”

While someone responded: “What does this even mean? How would this give rise specifically to a shi**y girl boss comic given how many comics depict men using guns in a casual manner? Is there a shi**y male equivalent of this and a term for it?”

The young woman, starting sports shooting when she was just twelve and already winning 2 gold medals and a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games, has gained a lot of recognition since the 2014 Junior championships.

She learned to shoot a gun (for sport) before she was ten… cool, right?

But what isn’t cool, is that some Twitter-users started mansplaining the shooter’s standing technique.

“Not ideal, but it can work since the gun has light recoil and the relaxing stance can be ideal in terms of breathing and heartbeat.”

“Does it look cool. Yes. Will their wrist shatter the moment they fire? Absolutely,” another said.

But people fought back quickly explaining that: “I literally shot this event for ten years up to the Jr Olympic level, it is the ideal position for keeping muscles relaxed and affecting your shot.”

Now, when you’re shooting, you need stability and, of course, accuracy, so a relaxed position is necessary… If the mansplainers didn’t know this already, they do now.

“When you’re shooting as precisely as that, your heartbeat throws off your aim. So they stand as relaxed as possible and still maintain a firm stance. You won’t see that among tactical dorks in the US. The heartbeat thing is why the biathlon is awesome.”

And one person humorously pointed out that the people in the comments, non-Olympians, were criticizing a 2 times gold medalist in the sport.

“I love all the comments critiquing the stance of an Olympic-level shooter.

“It’s very much a “tell me your knowledge of guns comes from video games and movies without telling me your knowledge of guns comes from video games and movies” situation.”

But, hey, who doesn’t like to pretend they know more than they actually know sometimes?