We can all tell when designs are not aesthetically pleasing. In fact, there are entire subreddits dedicated to sharing examples of awfully designed products. But often times, it is harder to tell when something is well-designed. That is because, with perfect designs, you do not notice how perfect it is. Their existence is a seamless part of our world.

Why don't we all take a step back and take a moment to enjoy these examples of truly great design? The pictures in this gallery are guaranteed to make you feel calm and mesmerized. They might even lull you to sleep. The designs in this gallery are so good that you might have to take a nap after viewing them. I know. The geniuses who came up with this should win all kinds of awards, but they are probably going about their daily lives without the recognition they deserve.

At least we can celebrate them here!

This collection of photos will make you do a double take, and then it will draw you into its glory. Get ready for your jaw to hit the floor.

This intersection

from DesignPorn
I bet people drove on this intersection their whole life without ever knowing that it's the best intersection in all the land!

Table legs

I have so many questions about how this works, but I know that none of them will be answered, so I will just enjoy the ride.

Dr. Water

from DesignPorn
The "r" in "Dr." is like a faucet and it creates a drip-drop of water! Deceptively simple and perfect.

Disney VHS notebooks

Oh my goodness I want to purchase all of these at this very minute! I would use these forever and ever! Where can I get them?!

Meat Eater

from DesignPorn
Yes, the forks on the antlers, but also the title works if you read it by line or color! This is so clever!

Bracelet charger

It's a bracelet and a lightning cable! Imagine never being without a bracelet or a phone charger.

Can design

from DesignPorn
I love that these cans complete the illustrations when they sit on top of each other! But also, someone put that crazy green head on the mermaid's body because it would be hilarious.

The Fifth Bird

from DesignPorn
It's a bird! It's a five! It's the Fifth Bird!

Open and closed

Ok, I think I just lost 20 minutes of my life watching this GIF on loop. It's so perfect.

Urban greenery

from DesignPorn
Ok, I love a giant forest as much as the next person, but I am totally mesmerized by this lush greenery right in the middle of the city!

Brilliant business card

from DesignPorn
I don't know what this Maggie person does. All I know is that I should hire her immediately. This is the best business card I've ever seen.


from DesignPorn
What! I didn't know British coins were so cool like that. Man, they have this and Meghan Markle now?

Vinyl Afro

from DesignPorn
Contrary to the caption from the original poster (who I am assuming is a 12-year-old girl), this is not, in fact, a "CD" cover. It's a vinyl record.

Bar bench

from DesignPorn
The simplicity of this design truly gets to me. It seems like a no-brainer, but it's also so very brilliant.

Mirror lakes

from DesignPorn
Brilliant! Obviously, this place is called Mirror Lakes for a reason. Is it too much that I want to hug whoever made that sign?

Yoga sign

The actual yoga sign is in downward dog, which, as you know, is a yoga position!

Gourmet Goat

from DesignPorn
First of all, it's a cheese shop, so I automatically love it. Second of all, those are "gs" but they're also goat horns!

Wet floor

from DesignPorn
It's a wet floor cone that looks like a banana peel, which is hilarious, if not a bit redundant. We get it. I'm going to slip.

Jeans Experts

from DesignPorn
The "e's" are part of the zipper! I don't know about jeans, but these people are logo experts.

Flicking idiot

from DesignPorn
I love everything about this poster! Who gave the Toronto Fire Services permission to be this cool?


from DesignPorn
How did they figure out that the New York City skyline kind of fit perfectly into the word "alliance?" Geniuses, all of them!

God of water

from DesignPorn
He constantly looks like he's leaping out of the water and it's falling down all around him. Although I will say all the holes in his body are a little strange-looking.

Water weight

from DesignPorn
Bring this water bottle to the gym, lift it with your weights while drinking out of it, and pretty soon you'll be so strong you won't even feel it!

Weekend house

from pics
Um, sorry, I just blacked out and went to house heaven for a second. Look at the angles! The triangles! The way it sits on the land!

Hexagonal notebook paper

Look, I am not into chemistry or drawing beehives. But if I was into either of those things, I would be jumping out my skin with excitement right now.

Grazing cow

from DesignPorn
At first, I couldn't tell what I was supposed to be looking at. But it's the barcode!


from DesignPorn
Raise your hand if you are beyond excited for the new Halloween movie, and you also see Michael Myers' mask hidden in this poster!

Brilliant bicycle wheels

from DesignPorn
You never have to fill them up with air! They never ever go flat. How incredible is that? Why aren't these bike tires everywhere?

Herb garden

from DesignPorn
This herb garden is entirely accessible and cool-looking, but it's also climate-controlled! How?! Share this with someone who appreciates good design.