Mesmerizing ‘Ice Cream Tulips’ Are a Thing and Are Giving People Cravings

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A new flower has gone viral, and it’s making everyone hungry…

These “ice cream” tulips are the latest flower to catch the eye of budding plant enthusiasts, and once you see the pictures you’ll understand why.

Owning and taking care of plants is one of life’s many joys.

But there’s nothing quite like a house or a garden full of beautiful plants!

Which makes us appreciate Mother Nature even more.

As is the number of unusual plants.

We can see very clearly where this unusual looking plant gets its name from! These strange things can be found in South Africa and even though they thrive better out in the wild, many enjoy displaying them in their gardens and homes.

Looking like something out of a sci-fi movie, this plant stands taller than a fully grown man and gives off an odor many would describe as similar to rotting flesh. Thankfully, this smelly old thing is local to Indonesia so us folk here in America don’t have to worry about one sprouting in the backyard.

The stunning Dragon Blood Tree isn’t exactly a suitable houseplant, but they look stunning in their natural habitat in Yemen.

And about the name? Well, they get their name from their shy nature. Reach out and touch one, or even just blow on it, and its leaves will close up as if startled or protecting themselves.

The Flypaper Plant captures anything that lands on it with its sticky exterior… and they’re beautifully colorful too!

One variety of flower has been trending recently for all of the right reasons.

The “ice cream” tulip… looking way to delicious to be real.

They are one of the most beautiful varieties of tulips.

These tulips are easily recognizable with their light pink leaves and distinct white “ice cream scoop” on top.

While a normal tulip has six petals, ice cream tulips have at least twice the amount, which is what makes them so well-loved.

Some grow as tall as 16 inches and the prime time to see them bloom is late April and early May.

Luckily, you can spot them right here in America!

Inviting visitors to take a scenic drive through the valley and experience the art of the Tulip Festival.

It’s a tradition held in many countries all over the world and has become an essential announcement that spring has finally come. Keep scrolling to take a look at the “jungle boy” who has so many plants, it takes him hours to water them all…