95-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Found and Returned to Writer’s Daughter

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A ninety-five-year-old message in a bottle has been found and miraculously returned to the daughter of the man who wrote it.

Jennifer Dowker was scuba diving in Michigan’s Cheboygan River when she discovered the bottle at the bottom of the river on Friday.

“At first I thought it was just a cool bottle and then when I picked it up, when I was still under the water, I could read the word ‘this’ in the paper,” Dowker told CNN, “It was kind of like ‘Holy Smokes! We’ve got a message in a bottle here. Cool!'”

Dowker gently pulled out the note before carefully unraveling it.

The note was dated to 1926 and read: “Will the person who finds this bottle return this paper to George Morrow, Cheboygan Michigan and tell where it was found?”

Dowker shared pictures of the letter to Facebook, which has now received more than 100,000 shares and over 6,000 comments.

The viral pictures led her to track down Morrow’s daughter, Michelle Primeau.

Primeau recognized the handwriting on the note and said her father would have been seventeen or eighteen when he wrote the message.

“I can just see him going out and doing that because it was his birthday,” she told CNN, “I don’t know for sure. But it just sounds like something he would have done.”

Morrow died in 1995, and Primeau said he had always been sentimental, often leaving little notes for them to find.

“So he’s been gone a long time, but it was kind of cool because all this happened on Father’s Day weekend,” she said.
Dowker wanted to return the bottle, but Primeau said she should keep it.
“I thought the right thing to do would be to give it to her,” she explained, “She found it and that would keep my dad’s name living on.”

Dowker plans to frame the bottle and message…

And Primeau is planning a trip later this year to see her father’s note in person.
How sweet!