‘Mexico in American Movies’ Has Become a Meme and the Pictures Are Hilarious

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The media has a nasty habit of portraying things through their own unique lens, don’t they? I use the word unique very lightly, here, because this lens is usually either weird or borderline offensive. The new “Mexico in American Movies” memes are a definite mix of both.

People have started to notice a distinct trend in the way that American movies represent Mexico or, at least, a place that is supposed to be Mexico.

But I’m not going to ruin it by telling you what seems to be the recurring theme. So, without further ado, check out this list of the most popular memes that have had everyone on the internet in fits of laughter because they are so accurate!

PS: this list may or may not feature Keanu Reaves…

via : 9GAG

Apparently, everything in Mexico is orange… even the sky.

American movies always seem to include the typical “Mexican” stereotype, don’t they?

This recurring theme seems to be the focus of the entire range of memes.

via : 9GAG

According to this meme, you can buy glasses that’ll make you look like you’re in Mexico.

Very different experiences, apparently.

via : 9GAG

The second that he crossed the border, the Mexican effect hit him hard.

Breaking Bad’s visual effects seem to be a recurring theme here…

According to this meme, Mexico is just the land of cacti and flying cars…

Being the global icon that he is, Keanu was always going to find a way into this piece.

And, of course, Sicario was all about hitmen…

The only difference between men pointing guns in Mexico and men pointing guns in America is… orange.

via : 9GAG

You know that a meme is becoming popular when Spongebob features in a version of it.

If you still haven’t got the theme of these memes yet, I hope this breaks it down for you.

This meme takes things to a whole other level…

via : 9GAG

At first, people were finding them funny because the whole thing was very accurate.

Some internet users have taken this as an opportunity to spew racist comments towards Mexicans, laughing about nonsense stereotypes, and, let’s be real, we’re really not here for it.

This is precisely why we can’t have nice things.