Michael J. Fox is still synonymous with the role that made him in Back to the Future. His career and life have been tumultuous since - and now, he's made a big announcement about his future.

Back to the Future is one of the most iconic sci-fi movies of all time.

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The first movie was released in 1985 and it gave us all kinds of eighties sci-fi goodness.

The movie became a trilogy over the years...

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And it followed the time-traveling adventures of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) who is also known as the Doc.

The Doc, who is renowned for being a little bit crazy, invented the time-traveling DeLorean...

And he accidentally sends Marty, a typical eighties' teenager, back in time to 1955 where he must ensure his parents meet and fall in love in order for him to be born.

Now, who could forget when Marty's young mom has a major crush on him when he travels back in time and meers her?

Now that's something of a true nightmare!

All 3 movies involve different aspects of time-travel...

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The second movie involves Marty and the Doc traveling to the year 2020 which, we must say, portrays an extremely unrealistic futuristic world. We're still waiting for those hoverboards!

And the third movie sends the dynamic duo back to the Wild West...

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Now, who could forget that time-traveling train?!

All in all...

The Back to the Future trilogy is utterly timeless and they are great family movies that will never get old.

The trilogy truly rose Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to fame...

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But as we are all well aware, Michael hasn't had the easiest of times in the last 2 decades.

In 1991, when Michael was just twenty-nine, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

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Even though he didn't share his diagnosis with the public until 7 years later, he committed himself to the campaign for increased Parkinson's research in 1998.

It started out as a back problem...

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Speaking to the New Yorker in 2019, Michael said, "I was having this recurring problem with my spinal cord. I was told it was benign but if it stayed static I would have diminished feeling in my legs and difficulty moving." "Then all of a sudden I started falling — a lot. It was getting ridiculous. I was trying to parse what was Parkinson’s and what was the spinal thing."

Michael's health has never been the same since the diagnosis.

"But it came to the point where it was probably necessary to have surgery. So I had surgery, and an intense amount of physical therapy after," he continued. "I did it all, and eventually people asked me to do some acting. Last August [2018] I was supposed to go to work. I woke up, walked into the kitchen to get breakfast, misstepped and I went down. I fractured the hell out of my arm. I ended up getting 19 pins and a plate. It was such a blow."

This must have been such a difficult time for the young actor...

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And he had to make some sacrifices to his professional life. Michael announced his retirement from Spin City in January 2000, effective upon the completion of his fourth season and 100th episode. Expressing pride in the show, its talented cast, writers and creative team, he explained that "new priorities" made this the right time to step away from the demands of a weekly series.

The actor went on to launch The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

The New York Times has called his organization "the most credible voice on Parkinson's research in the world."

Michael returned to acting in 2013, however.

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He returned to primetime network TV as Mike Henry on NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show. The show, which quickly gained nationwide attention, centered on a beloved newscaster and family man returning to work following a diagnosis with Parkinson's.

But since his diagnosis all of them years ago...

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Michael has continuously campaigned for the cause with The Michael J. Fox Foundation and has donated a lot of money to Parkinson's charities and research.

And now, the actor has just made another announcement.

"In fairness to myself and to producers, directors, editors, and poor beleaguered script supervisors, not to mention actors who enjoy a little pace, I enter a second retirement," he's written in his latest book No Time Like The Future.

"The nascent diminishment in my ability to download words and repeat them verbatim is just the latest ripple in the pond."

"There are reasons for my lapses in memorization — be they age, cognitive issues with the disease, distraction from the constant sensations of Parkinson's, or lack of sensation because of the spine — but I read it as a message, an indicator."

"There is a time for everything, and my time of putting in a twelve-hour workday, and memorizing seven pages of dialogue, is best behind me."

"At least for now."

"That could change because everything changes."

"But if this is the end of my acting career, so be it."

We wish Michael all the best with his second retirement!

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