Michael Jackson’s Son Gives Rare Interview After Changing His Name and Reinventing Himself

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The son of Michael Jackson, once known as Blanket, has given a rare interview in his first appearance in years since reinventing himself and changing his name.

In which he spoke about his fathers legacy and climate change, as well as showing off his reinvention.

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Scroll on to hear what he had to say…

Now, Blanket, born Prince Michael Jackson II, was initially thrown into the spotlight with this worrisome incident.

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On November 2nd, 2002, the infamous pop star was seen dangling Blanket, who was just a few months old at the time, over the edge of the balcony of his room at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin to the crowds of paparazzi below.

Jackson’s bizarre act would go on to become one of the most scandalous incidents in showbiz…

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And he later apologized, calling it a “terrible mistake.”

Following this, Jackson doubled down efforts to protect his child…

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And, along with his 2 siblings, Paris and Michael Joseph, Blanket was seldom seen out in public.

But, following Jackson’s highly-publicized death in 2009, his children were suddenly thrown back into the spotlight.

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The trio made their first appearance at their father’s funeral and memorial, which was televised across the globe.

But, in the years since, things haven’t exactly been easy for the siblings.

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While both Michael Joseph and Blanket stayed firmly out of the spotlight, Paris has had a lengthy and public battle with mental health issues.

She also revealed that she had attempted suicide “many times.”

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During an episode of her Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn last year, she explained how her self-harm was “a distraction from emotional pain” before admitting, “I tried to kill myself many times.”

Thankfully, Paris is now in a much healthier place…

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And now uses her platform to raise awareness surrounding mental health issues.
“I still struggle to accept myself but that’s what I want to influence. I want to influence self-acceptance and courage and being comfortable in your own skin,” she said.

But what about Blanket?

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Well, while all the focus was on his older sister, it turns out that the youngest of the siblings, who was just 7-years-old at the time of his father’s death, was also having a difficult time.

People Magazine reported that the child was “very lost and extremely upset” following Jackson’s death…

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“The kids live like Michael is constantly looking down upon them,” a family friend told the magazine. “[But Blanket] has had the most problems adjusting after Michael died.”

It was later reported that, upon starting The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, the youngster changed his infamous nickname.

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A source told Radar Online back in 2015:
“He always thought that the name Blanket sounded so stupid and resented his father for calling him that.”

The source went on to explain that he fell victim to bullies as a result of his unconventional name.

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​”Growing up, his schoolmates have always been slightly mean to him because of their jealousy over who he is, and going by Blanket made him a much easier target for ridicule.”

But now, fast forward a decade and a swift name change, the youngest son of Michael Jackson seems to have carved a whole new life and identity for himself…

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The nineteen-year-old is now known as Bigi.

It is unclear what Bigi does for a living…

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But, in a 2012 interview, he had expressed interest in becoming a movie director.
“When I grow up I want to be a director because it’s fun, and I make little movies when I’m at my house with cousins and friends and different things.”
“He [dad] said it would be a good thing so follow whatever you want to do.”

Bigi still lives mostly away from the spotlight, but this week he has given a very rare interview…

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To discuss how he is using his voice to call on world leaders to tackle climate change…

Bigi spoke with the UK breakfast show, Good Morning Britain where he discussed “using his voice to call on world leaders to tackle the problem of climate change as COP26 begins.”

And his father’s legacy…

Walking through a room his dad memorabilia, Bigi explained that there is “a lot of really cool stuff” in there and “a lot of history in this house and studio.”

“And that’s what he was all about and that’s just kind of what each of us wants to do, kind of make things that people hopefully enjoy, but also can benefit their lives,” he said, TooFab reports.

Moving on to talk about climate change, Bigi added that “we have some work to do.”

“I do think it’s important that we all know about it and I think we have some work to do but our generation knows how important it is.”