Michael Strahan Reveals He Didn’t Close His Tooth Gap | 22 Words

After shocking fans with his new smile yesterday, Michael Strahan has today come forward with some big news...

It was an April Fools prank!


And, in true Strahan style, he revealed the joke in the best way.

Here's the full story...

Now, we all know Michael Strahan as the beloved television personality and former football star.

He spent fifteen-years with the New York Giants before retiring back in 2007.

Since then, Strahan has become a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday...

And a co-host on Good Morning America.

But if there's one thing that Strahan is known for aside from his successful career?

Well, it's his pretty unique smile.

Strahan sports a large gap between his 2 front teeth...

And it's become somewhat of a trademark over the years.

But this week, he revealed something a little shocking...

He'd officially closed the gap.

Of course, the news of his new smile spread like wildfire online...

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With many fans expressing their disappointment and remorse.

Strahan revealed his new look in a video post on Instagram.

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He teamed up with Dr. Lee Gause at Smile Design Manhattan who reportedly proposed a temporary solution.

In the video, Strahan explained that no one knew about the procedure taking place...

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Because if they did, they would try to talk him out of it.

He then followed up with short clips of the procedure, before finally revealing his new teeth.

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As the star looked in the mirror, he seemed happy with the result, noting: "I love it! Holy f**k!"

You can see his new smile below:

Do you like it?

Well, if you do, prepare to be disappointed.

In a new video today, Strahan decided to thank his fans for "their love for the gap."


Wearing a face mask to conveniently cover-up that new smile, he said:

"I appreciate all the comments. I was surprised, to be honest with you, about how many people were like, 'No, don't get rid of the gap! It's your signature!'"

He continued:


"I appreciate all the love for the gap. I've had it for almost fifty years now and a lot of people out there would say, 'Yeah you make me feel good about rocking mine.'"

But then...


He whipped down his face mask, revealing that the gap is very much still intact.

In between fits of laughter, Strahan explained:


"The gap is here to stay for a little while. Not going anywhere anytime soon, so, April Fool's everybody. I had a good time...The gap is here. The gap is here to stay."

"My mama likes it, so, there you go. For you, Mama."

Thank goodness for that!