Michelle Obama Just Got Real About Her Symptoms of Menopause | 22 Words

The former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, has used her podcast to open up about her experience with the menopause...

And, in true Michelle fashion, she did not hold back.

Here's the full story...

Now, we were first introduced to Michelle through her husband, the former president Barack Obama.

The couple first met when a then twenty-five-year-old Michelle Robinson was assigned as a mentor for a twenty-eight-year-old Barack Obama at their law firm.

Though Michelle admits that, initially, she wasn't too keen on the idea of dating Barack...

"Barack, about a month in, asked me out, and I thought 'No way. This is completely tacky,'" she told ABC News, when discussing how the pair had met.

But it was clearly meant to be.

Barack's proposed date was clearly a hit, as the pair were quick to become a couple, and later tied the knot in 1992. Michelle noted that her husband's vows were a glimpse at what was to come. “Barack didn’t pledge riches, only a life that would be interesting. On that promise he delivered," she later recalled.

Michelle supported her husband as he navigated his way through politics...

And, along with their 2 young daughters, was suddenly catapulted into the spotlight when he ran for president.

It didn't take the world long to fall completely in love with Michelle...

People simply loved the first lady.

And, even after Barack's presidency came to an end...

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Michelle has remained very much in the hearts of our nation and is still regularly seen out and about at public events.

Her post-White House career has flourished.

Her memoir, Becoming, which was published in November 2018, became one of the most successful books of the decade, and she regularly attends public engagements and does work for a variety of charities.

The former first lady has even launched her own podcast.

In the episodes, Michelle explores meaningful topics through candid conversations with guests.

Mental health is one of her preferred conversation points.

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In an episode last year, Michelle explained that her own mental health had taken a hit during the pandemic.

During the episode, she discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and Trump's response.

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"Not just because of the quarantine, but because of the racial strife, and just seeing this administration, watching the hypocrisy of it, day in and day out, is dispiriting. "I know that I am dealing with some form of low-grade depression."

People simply love Michelle's realism...

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And now, people are loving her approach to a somewhat taboo topic: the menopause.

​Yep, the dreaded M-word.

The menopause, or "the change," as some women refer to it, affects every woman at some point in her life - usually in her 40's or 50s.

It's typically treated as a hush-hush topic...

With many women feeling too embarrassed to even speak of it.

Well, Michelle is putting a firm stop to all of that.

In an episode of her podcast, which aired in August last year, Michelle made a point of breaking taboos about women's health, talking about going through menopause in the workplace, as well as weight, aging, and image.

Talking with her guest and longtime friend, Sharon Malone, the former first lady shared a story about having a hot flush while on Marine One, the presidential helicopter, before an event with then-president Barack Obama.

"It was like somebody put a furnace in my core and turned it on high," she remembered. "And then everything started melting. And I thought, 'Well this is crazy, I can't, I can't, I can't do this.'"

She then added:

"What a woman's body is taking her through is important information. It's an important thing to take up space in a society because half of us are going through this but we're living like it's not happening."

She also noted how many women in Barack's cabinet were experiencing the menopause themselves...

​And that the former president was very aware of it.

She said that her husband had been "surrounded by women in his cabinet, many going through menopause and he could see it, he could see it in somebody because sweat would start pouring, and he's like, well what's going on, you know, and it's like, no, this is just how we live."

But she noted that he "didn't fall apart because he found out there were several women in his staff that were going through menopause"...

And instead, "was just sort of like, oh, well turn the air conditioner on…"

Did we really expect anything less from the Obamas?

We certainly did not!