Michelle Obama has sent a touching message of support to Simone Biles after she withdrew from the all-around team final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics this week.

Simone has been widely praised after she stepped back from the Olympics, citing concerns about her mental health, and among those praising Simone was former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Michelle took to Twitter to tell the gymnast "we are proud" and share her "mantra" that she practices daily.

"Am I good enough? Yes, I am. The mantra I practice daily. @Simone_Biles, we are proud of you and we are rooting for you. Congratulations on the silver medal, Team @USA!" she wrote.

And Michelle isn't the only one showing support for Simone, as people have followed her lead.

"She did the right thing! Going forward with the team competition when she knew she was not mentally in a right place would not have been the spirit of a team player or champion, but a narcissist. Glad she's a good one!!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Simone demonstrates a strength from which we should all learn! We are our greatest gift, and we should take care of all aspects of ourselves!!! Love Simone for being a GREAT human being!!!" said another.

"YOU ARE SO BEYOND GOOD ENOUGH! You are one of the bravest women of our time. We see you, we love you, and we will always be here to support you! You have more courage than most and you have earned the respect of the world. Go out there and enjoy the moment. You've earned it!" added a third.

Simone pulled out midway through the all-around team final on Tuesday after scoring her lowest Olympic vault score in the opening rotation.

She told reporters afterward that after her performance, that she "just didn't want to go on."

"I have to focus on my mental health. I just think mental health is more prevalent in sports right now," she added.

Earlier today, the USA Gymnastics governing body announced that Simone had withdrawn from the final individual all-around competition on Thursday, "in order to focus on her mental health."

Jade Carey will now replace the world champion in the final individual all-around. It has not yet been determined whether Simone will compete in the individual finals taking place next week.