Microbiologist Shuts Down All ‘Karens’ by Demonstrating How Important Wearing a Mask Is

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A microbiologist has shut down all of the “Karens” who have been slamming the use of facemasks by demonstrating the sheer importance of wearing one…

But believe it or not, we still are.

Which is exactly what should be happening, of course.

And even though numbers of infections are steadily dropping in many countries, our country continues to be the worst affected.

It just doesn’t seem to be phasing people anymore.

Such as coughing, sneezing, and touching things with your bare hands. This is exactly why many government officials have stressed the importance of wearing facemasks in public spaces because even though they can’t protect a person fully from catching or spreading the virus, they lower that chance significantly.

And New York City is one of those places.

And “Karens” seem to be the biggest culprits. For those who aren’t aware, a “Karen” is now associated with a middle-class white woman who throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her own way.

She wasn’t wearing a facemask and when she got called out, she erupted in the worst possible way.

The woman was seen to storm over to the person who called her out and deliberately cough all over her.

This is not acceptable.

The woman’s behavior was considered as an assault due to the fact that we’re living through a pandemic, and it’s clear that this selfish individual has no idea how dangerous this virus really is.

And with a little help from social media, the “Karen” was soon identified.

And as soon as people found out she worked in clinical care, many began savagely demanding for her to be fired from her job.

And they confirmed that she hadn’t worked for them since January of this year and that they don’t tolerate her “shocking” behavior.

And it is because of people like these why the death toll in our country is the highest in the world.

And he has completely shut down all the Karens by doing so.

And he showed the results of a demonstration he put together showing just how big of a difference masks can make in halting the spread of respiratory droplets.

For one set, he wore a standard surgical mask, and for the other, he wore no mask.

So wherever you see a bacteria colony, that’s an indication of where the droplets and bacteria from his mouth landed. It’s crystal clear that the mask made a huge difference in the number of droplets that landed on the plates.

He stood 2 feet, 4 feet, and 6 feet away from the culture plates and coughed hard for fifteen seconds with and without a mask.
While a 6-foot difference greatly reduced the presence of bacteria, the mask still appeared more effective in all cases.

Dr. Davis explained that this demonstration isn’t likely to show the difference between mask types, and in the thread, he notes how this is definitely a demonstration, not an experiment. After all, it’s a sample size of one, and COVID-19 is a virus, not a bacteria.

And it’s all about keeping your nose and mouth covered.

So please, do not listen to all of those “Karens” out there who are insisting on not wearing facemasks in public. Lives will be saved if we all comply with these simple rules.