Mike Ditka has told NFL players to "get the hell out" of the country if they want to protest for Black Lives Matter.

Do you agree with him? Or do you think that players have every right to protest for what they believe in?

Football veteran, Mike Ditka, has spoken out about the Black Lives Matter protests...

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And it's clear that he isn't happy about NFL players getting involved.

There's a clear stigma surrounding BLM protests in the NFL world...

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And Ditka's recent remarks outline this strongly.

Now, there's no denying that police brutality is one of our society's most prominent issues.

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About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police, according to a new analysis of deaths involving law enforcement officers.

It's a harsh reality...

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"That 1-in-1,000 number struck us as quite high," said study leader Frank Edwards, a sociologist at Rutgers University. "That’s better odds of being killed by police than you have of winning a lot of scratch-off lottery games."

This is not okay.

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Yet nothing seems to be getting done about this imminent problem in our country.

The tragic death of George Floyd earlier this year sparked outrage that has been building for years.

George died after officer, Derek Chauvin, knelt on his neck for almost 8 minutes.

After protestors took to the streets of Minneapolis to demand justice for George...

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Black Lives Matter protests were sparked all around the world, including in several states, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Even though things got ugly thanks to violence shown by law enforcement here in America...

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People continued to demand justice for not only George Floyd, but also for so many other innocent black people who have been killed by the police - including Breonna Taylor, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Tamir Rice, and many more.

Black lives matter.

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And this type of racism that has been going on for years needs to stop.

Many famous faces spoke up in support of the protests...

But it's safe to say that NFL star Colin Kaepernick's strong views were the ones that stood out the most.

We all know that Colin Kaepernick is no stranger to activism.

Back in 2016, he famously took to his knee during the national anthem prior to the game to protest against racial inequality in our country.

Even though Kaepernick's move was for a good cause...

The NFL sadly didn't see it in that way... and neither did President Donald Trump. Trump actually said that NFL owners should "fire" players who protest during the national anthem. Kaepernick became a free agent after the season and remained unsigned, which numerous analysts and observers have attributed to political reasons.

There is nothing at all offensive about taking the knee...

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But NFL bosses clearly think there is, including Mike Ditka.

Mike Ditka is a football veteran...

He has spent 5+ decades around pro football, he's a Hall of Famer and a Super Bowl champion... but he's extremely behind when it comes to the issue of police brutality and racial injustice.

When Kaepernick first took the knee 4 years ago, Ditka said he should "get the hell out" of the country...

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And now, he's gone and said exactly the same thing about any NFL player who is wanting to join the BLM protests.

He's not a fan of protesting...

According to USA Today, the former player said protesting athletes should "get the hell out" of the country.

In an interview with Newsmax on Monday, he said:

"Football's football. It's not a complicated thing. You're playing the game, you're enjoying the game. You don't like the game, get out of it. It's not for protesting one way or the other. What color you are, what you think, this or that. You play football. That's it. You're privileged. You got a gift from God that you can play the game because you got a body you can do it with."

He continued:

"I don't really understand what you're protesting. I played the game. I coached the game for a long time. It makes no sense to me. I would tell those players go to another country and play football there. You don't have to come out. You don't have to come out if you go to another country. You can't! Because the game's only played in this country. And if you can't respect this country, get the hell out of it."

A large percentage of followers agreed with Ditka's comments...

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And many believe that if the players are that passionate about the protests, they should leave it out of the sport.

Should politics and sport be kept separate?

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But should athletes with a lot of power use their platform to try and make a difference?

And on the other hand...

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Many felt that Ditka had absolutely no right to demand the protesting players to leave the sport.

Ditka has been branded as racist...

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And it's clear his comments weren't taken too well, at all.

For more on the subject...

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