Mike Lindell Says Trump Is the First President in His Lifetime ‘Who Wasn’t in It for the Ego’

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Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow and recovering dr*g addict, has recently given his take on the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, and let’s just say, he’s an avid fan!

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the Republican supporter held his own MAGA-inspired event in Wisconsin where he talked about the importance of “free speech.”

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Dinesh D’Souza and David Clarke also appeared alongside the CEO at the MAGA Frank rally in New Richmond.
The aim of the event was to keep the Trump-era dream alive and prove that the November 2020 elections were nothing but a sham like their “real president” claimed it was.

While most of us rejected those bogus claims, Lindell held onto them as the last bit of hope he had to motivate him to keep on spouting far-right rhetoric.

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Most of them are outlined in his 2019 memoir, What Are the Odds?
From discussing the low times in his life, the dr*gs, the lack of sleep, the obstacles, to his success selling pillows, the business mogul details all the experiences that made him the man he is today.
However, there’s one part that stands out amongst the rest and it’s a vivid dream about Trump he had.

“Donald Trump and I were in some kind of room…”

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“It was an office with pictures on the wall behind us, and we were standing next to each other posing for a picture,” he said.
The 2 men initially met all the way back in 2016 when Trump was first running for president. It seems as though they quickly hit it off and from then on, Lindell was sold – so much so that he still continues to push the Trump agenda today.

“He is the only president in my lifetime who wasn’t in it for the ego and worked only for the people and not for his own interests,” he told Stephen Rodrick.

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The former president named Lindell as a co-chair of his Minnesota campaign but it was clear that Lindell was not aware that a Republican politician had not carried the state since 1972, let alone the CEO of a pillow manufacturer.
Strangely, Lindell was shocked that Trump had not just lost Minnesota, but the entire gig as president. Yikes.

“I was out there, talking to people; it’s just not possible.”

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He also brought out what he thought were receipts to Rodrick, but to any sane American, they would be considered false conspiracy theories pushed by sore Trumpers and Trumpettes.
“There were 147 million registered to vote. OK, Biden got 80 million and Trump got 75 million. That’s 10 million extra voters, he tells the journalist, “Trump won 80 million to 68 million.”
He later adds: “6 months from now, Trump will be our real president and our country will be heading toward its greatest rebirth in history.”
Whatever you say, Lindell, whatever you say.