Mike Myers Confirms ‘Austin Powers 4’ Is Happening

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Shagadelic, baby, yeah! You’re switched on! You’re smashing!

In the best news we’ve heard all year, star Mike Myers has confirmed to reporters that a new Austin Powers film is “looking good.” And yes, that does make us horny, baby.

“Sex? Yes please!”

According to Digital Spy, Myers said, “You’re going to see Dr. Evil soon, somewhere in the culture,” insinuating that his well-known and beloved International Man of Mystery character will soon grace the silver screen again.

“There are only two things I can’t stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.”

Most recently, Myers acted in the upcoming Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, along with Rami Malek, who played frontman Freddie Mercury. He’s also the host of ABC’s reboot of The Gong Show, in which he plays host Tommy Maitland, a facial-prosthetics-laden character of his own creation. But before that? “You know, I’ve been very… I’ve had three kids in the last six years and that’s sort of where my focus has been” he told Digital Spy.

“Oh, behave!”

So, which does Myers prefer? Hanging with his family or embodying the world’s horniest spy? While he didn’t give a definitive answer, he did say, “I love doing all the characters and it’s a non-stop party when we’re shooting. It’s fun.”

“You’re the Diet Coke of Evil. Just one calorie. Not evil enough.”

Fans of the Austin Powers series have been waiting patiently since 2002 for another movie in the trilogy to follow Goldmember, but Myers’ explanation of why it’s been so long made a lot of sense.  “They take a long time to write, they always have.” Makes sense, considering each movie is jammed with line after line of quotable jokes that we’re all still peppering into our conversations in 2018, a whopping 16 years after the last film’s release.

“Don’t mess with me. I’m one crazy mo-fo. I had to pop a cop cause he wasn’t giving me my props in Oaktown. No? I’ve heard that somewhere.”

Sadly, Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me, will not be able to join the cast in a future reunion because he tragically passed away in April of this year at age 49.  Standing at 2’8”, Troyer was technically one of the smallest men in the world. He was known for his comedic acting chops and ability to do death-defying stunts. He will be sorely missed, especially by Myers, who said, “Verne’s legacy is that he was a fantastic comedy actor. And, you know, we wrote it, the part wasn’t much and he made it definitely better than written and we just kept giving him more and more. He was a great stuntman, a great dancer, a great mime, and a great human being.”

“A shmoke und a pancake. You know, a flapjack und a shigarette? No? Shigar und a waffle? No? Pipe und a crepe? No? Bong und a blintz? No? Well, then there ish no pleashing you.”

The last we saw of Dr. Evil, he was making an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, and he was getting political. So, what do you think? Will you go see a new Austin Powers film? If so, share this with your most shagadelic friends to let them know it’s coming! Yeah, baby! Yeah!