Mike’s Hard Lemonade Is Releasing a Pineapple Mandarin Flavor

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Popular beverage brand, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, has truly knocked it out of the park with its new flavor.

Keep scrolling to find out what it is and what exactly all the hype is about…

Fruit-flavored beverages begin filling the shelves.

There’s truly nothing better than opening up a cold, refreshing lemonade.

… Mike’s Hard.

And their lemonade cooler is undoubtedly a fan favorite.

Like strawberry, peach, or black cherry, for instance.

And it’s set to be one of the best yet.

Judging by a quick scroll through Instagram, the reviews are unanimously good.

And, as you’d expect, quickly went viral online.

The flavor combination sounds delicious, right?

And we’re aren’t surprised. Can you even think of a better summer pairing then mandarin and pineapple?

And has a 5 percent ABV per bottle.

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Many are speculating it will just be throughout the summer season, however.

You can buy the beverage at any grocery store.

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