Mildly Irritating Photos That Will Actually Drive You Over the Edge of Sanity | 22 Words

If you're anything like me, you like everything to be set up juuuuust so. You tilt pictures back and forth until they're perfectly level. You reorganize your room every week and a half to perfect the feng shui. You even sat your groomsmen from tallest to shortest at your wedding.

So of course, when you see pictures where things are mostly in order, but just a liiiiiitle bit off, well, you lose your goddamn mind. It's so almost correct that it somehow feels one hundred percent wrong.

Or, maybe you're more well-adjusted, and are only mildly irritated? That seems to be how most of the subscribers to Reddit's Mildly Infuriating subreddit deal with it. Get ready to clench your fist, grind your teeth, and compulsively shuffle around the stuff on your desk, because these images are truly mildly irritating.

Now I'll never be able to drink milk again.

This is the greatest disaster in cafeteria history. Not only is this carton of milk worthless in trading, but its drinker is now guaranteed to dribble all down his chin and, worst case, get milk on his shirt.

Just search "graphic designer + cheap."

This just feels like an oversight; like Google missed these incongruities and refuses to remake the logo now out of pride. But why not hire a graphic designer to give their new logo a once-over before they put it out? They can afford it, seeing as they have... let me just check my notes here... infinite money.

Just messes up the cadence.

We could've just glanced at this cup of coffee and understood its meaning, but instead, our brain gets hung up on the misplaced comma. What could it mean? Is that superhero character named "First Coffee"? Does that "but" mean he's interjecting himself into a conversation? If so, where's the rest of that conversation? I have a headache.

What's even the point of you?

Can you imagine a more dangerous soap-holder than one that doesn't hold soap? There's going to be a Caress Daily Silk Beauty Bar sliding all around that shower, and anyone who steps on it will slip and fall.

*Goes into empty field and throws sealed can as far as I can*

As a man who bites his fingernails, I'll tell you that opening a can of soda is already hard enough. If that pop-top pops off? That soda is officially unreachable. It's gone. Throw it in the trash.

So close, and yet, so irritating.

Wouldn't whoever installed this tile floor notice that one was out-of-place? Wouldn't it haunt them? Wouldn't it keep them up at night? I know it's going to keep me from sleeping tonight.

Just half an inch off.

I literally just got a shiver down my spine thinking about how satisfying it would be if that nozzle hit the center of that rind. So close to satisfaction, and yet, so far away.

Choose the path less taken.

It almost looks like someone's brick path fell out of their backpack and landed on top of an already-existing brick path. Someone get that brick path to the lost-and-found!

That's just petulant.

This sheet of paper is in the uncanny valley of ripped paper. It's so close to perfect that the one tiny flaw makes it disgusting to look at.

Sorry Monk.

Monk has to be the worst show to have Amazon jumble up the order of its seasons. Its main character is an obsessive-compulsive, and he would hate this.

You've got to squint to be irritated.

The term "uncanny valley" is used in robotics to describe a robot that is so close to looking human it makes us uncomfortable. Our brains are more likely to pick up the subtle differences when robots are in the uncanny valley. All that is to say, these doors are in the uncanny valley of perfect alignment.

Almost a good deal.

There is some sort of miscommunication going on at Domino's. I wonder if there's beef? (I mean, besides the ground beef they put on pizza.)

I thought we understood each other, pizza rolls.

The whole point of putting pizza stuff in tiny little pockets is that it's easy and convenient. Having one last pizza roll just hanging out on its own? That's neither easy nor convenient. Make no mistake — this is a betrayal by pizza rolls.

Either they all have to be there, or they all have to go.

Although, maybe this is a puzzle? If you find the missing tile, bring it back, and put it back where it belongs, I bet the entire wall rotates and you'll find either a) a treasure, or b) the next piece of the puzzle...

See, this is why you never settle for your safety school.

God bless you, Montana State University. You tried your hardest. But unfortunately, your leader is a doofus who made a colossal blunder, and because of that, I'm going to Montana Tech.

Everyone help me look!

There's a little rubber ball rolling around on the ground somewhere in that airport, and if everyone agrees to get on their hands and knees and look, I bet they'd find it in no time.

Coloring is ruined.

Picture this: after a tough week at work, you decide to sit down and chill out with a fun coloring book. But the word "adventure" is misspelled! When you go in on Monday morning to show all your coworkers what you colored, you don't want them thinking about spelling errors — you want them thinking about how good you are at coloring.

Get in line, 4.

I would spend my entire elevator ride obsessing over that "4," and not just because it's on the wrong side. It would also help keep my mind off how bad I have to fart, which a polite person never does in an elevator.

Always hire a professional to set up your oven.

Imagine thinking the oven rack goes in this way. Whoever put this oven together has obviously not eaten as many frozen pizzas in their lifetime as I, an incredibly depressed person, have.

Great question.

How long have we sat in our office not getting irritated at the fact that our 10-key numberpad and phone numberpad are reversed? There needs to be a conference between keyboard- and phone-makers so a set of standards can be hammered out.

Is it "buck" or "dollar"? Choose wisely.

The use of both the words "buck" and "dollar" here reminds me of the people who refer to an ATM as "an ATM machine." Don't they know that the word "machine" is already in the acronym?

Feels like that was a trap.

Didn't Logitech realize we all brazenly take scissors to our plastic-sealed devices right when we get them home? It almost feels like they deliberately wanted this person to cut up their new device before they could use it.

That pill is either much stronger or much weaker.

Something is special about that pill, and goddamn it all if I don't want to take it to find out what.

It really stands out.

Okay, this mildly infuriating aberration probably has a reasonable explanation — some punk kid was probably throwing a baseball around and broke a window. It must be difficult to order a replacement that's that the exact same tone as your other windows.

Must... rotate...

Despite my intense desire to make this manhole line up with the tiles on the floor, I don't think I could. As a man who bites his fingernails, I'll tell you that lifting up a manhole is already hard enough.

Hey, thanks!

I'm just going to say it — no one likes a promotional email. If we want a deal, we'll go to Google and search, "Air Canada + cheap flights" and find our bargains that way.

I'm sorry, how many days left again?

Whoever posted this to /r/MildlyIrritating is overlooking one important fact: there is only 1 day left! That's not a lot of days!

A swing and a miss. (Cast and a miss?)

Look, when you're the guy who orders signs for tackle shops, you don't necessarily have to be creative. That's not part of the job description. But this one was just so easy. I don't think whoever put in the order should be fired, but they should at least be fined.

They do sell milk at the store, you know.

Far be it for me to judge someone's individual tastes, but for the love of god, man's been pouring milk onto cereal for generations! Not just any liquid will do, pal!

I expected better of you, Arby's.

You are a restaurant of class and distinction, Arby's. I cannot believe you've made the mistake of replacing only half your letters and mildly infuriating your customers. You're better than this.