Miley Cyrus Breaks Silence After Break Up With Liam Hemsworth

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Ah, if they were a movie, he’d be the right guy and she’d be the best friend, that he’d fall in love with and in the end, they’d be laughing and watching the sunset…

Sadly the love story of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth was not a movie. I mean they did meet on the set of The Last Song but the on-and-off-again relationship all happened in real life.

Breaking the news this weekend that the pair had decided to go their separate ways came as a bit of a shock. I’ll put my hands up and admit I thought Liam and Miley were in it for the long haul.

With fans wondering what will happen following the split (Another Wrecking Ball-Esque banger?) Liam has kept his head down, extending his stay in Australia.

Miley appears very reflective following the break-up, sharing sage words with her fans. She also has made reference to one of her early tracks- from the Hannah Montana days. I guess you always feel the need to get back to yourself after a big break up, and hey some of those Hannah Montana tunes still hold up.

Anyone going through a break-up or nursing a broken heart, I would thoroughly recommend you take a leap out of Miley’s book and blast this particular song as you throw your exes clothes into a bag and cut yourself a dodgy fringe.

Continue scrolling to learn how to do a break up the Miley Cyrus way…

They began dating back in 2009 and married ten years later. They’ve come a long way since they first met.

Miley Cyrus got her first big break in showbiz way back in 2006, having first auditioned for the role when she was just eleven years old. She played alongside her real-life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, as she oscillated between being a pop star and a regular teenager. Presumably something about this role just spoke to her.

Miley has had three number-one albums on the US Billboard 200, plus another top five albums, all since 2007. She’s also had nine top-ten singles, including Party in the U.S.A., The Climb, Wrecking Ball, and Malibu.

Liam comes from strong Australian stock, as both his older brothers have been involved in acting and they all starred on Home and Away. As they moved across to Hollywood, Liam actually got through to the final auditions for the part of Thor, but was beaten to it by his older brother.

Liam found success in The Hunger Games.

Starring opposite Jennifer Lawrence, Liam played her best friend from home, Gale Hawthorne, throughout The Hunger Games series. Since then he has also starred in The Dressmaker, with Kate Winslet, and Independence Day: Resurgence.

It wasn’t a The Last Song for this couple.

In true Hollywood style, Liam and Miley first met on set back in 2009. They played the unlikely couple who found love in this Nicholas Sparks adaptation. It’s not quite The Notebook, but it did bring us this wonderful, real-life romance.

When they first met, Miley was only 17, and Liam was 20. They had each other to rely on as they both went through the growing pains of adapting to the life and pain of Hollywood.

And then in September 2013, after months of speculation by the media that things may be on the rocks, this dream couple split up. They stayed good friends, but they just needed some time apart at this point.

In the years that they were apart, they both did some growing up. Liam developed as an actor and continued getting some more serious roles. Meanwhile, Miley started standing up more for her beliefs. She spoke out about believing that both gender and sexuality are fluid.

Miley decided that she needed some time away from Malibu, so she moved back to Nashville. In the meantime, Liam moved to Malibu to try to get over Miley. When he bought his house, he was told it was the house where Miley had recorded her first album. Miley’s hit song, Malibu, is about their relationship and love.

In a case of life is better than fiction, it seems like this couple was just meant to be. At the end of 2015 they started hanging out again and ended up getting back together.

Before they broke up in 2013, they had spent nearly a year being engaged together. When they got back together, in 2015, they got back together and remained fiancées. They even kept the same ring.

They were living together, holidaying together, and just generally looked so happy, but so normal. Plus, they are both vegans and regularly share pictures together of themselves with all their pets.

When the terrible California fires devastated the land last year, Liam managed to save all their pets, and they have a lot. They have: 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 horses and 2 pigs. Luckily he managed to drive them all to safety. Sadly, all that was left of their home was the ‘LOVE‘ sign.

Although their engagement had been going on for years, to the outside world it seemed like Miley and Liam were just happy being regular twenty-somethings dating.

After months, years even, of thinking that maybe they were just another celebrity couple who would never tie the knot, two pictures were posted. It wasn’t easy to see what was going on, especially as there were no pictures.

It sure looked like a wedding picture, but with no caption there was certainly room for doubt. Especially as it was around Christmas time. It’s the one time of year when people could be wearing anything, for any occasion, and it could just be for Christmas.

Out of nowhere, to celebrate Valentine’s day, Miley started posting some photos from their wedding. In true Miley style, she posts a real picture of them just being them.

Miley marches to her own tune and does things for herself, rather than other people. It seems like she and Liam have that in common.

This is one of the few pictures that have been posted of Miley in her wedding dress. Her Vivienne Westwood dress is simple, but elegant. Much like their wedding, which was for close family only.

Most people have a billion wedding photos, and all of them are staged. Often near some trees, or a sunset, or some other improbable setting. But Miley just posted a photo of herself rocking it on the dancefloor.

This picture is beyond sweet, particularly as it resonates for so many of us. With Miley at 1.65m and Liam standing tall at 1.91m, there is nearly a foot difference in their height, but they’re happy to meet in the middle.

A rep for Miley told People: “Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time. Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers. They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart. Please respect their process and privacy.”

Miley captioned the picture “Mute me if you don’t want SPAMMED” In response to the image, her sister, Brandi, commented, “Boooooooooooooom!” It looks like we’re about to see a lot more of Miley.

Seen together for the last time at the Saint Laurent Men’s Spring-Summer 2020 runway show in Malibu. Miley and Liam both appeared a bit tense, perhaps everything had already started to fall apart.

A source that spoke to People said that friends of the couple were not surprised that the couple called it quits. according to the source:
“They’re not on the same page when it comes to a lot of fundamental things that make a relationship work.”

In an Instagram post of the couple featuring on SNL, Liam writes, “A picture tells a thousand words,” From the still, we see Miley pulling away whilst Liam, not noticing, laughs along with his brother. There’s certainly some foreshadowing of what was going to happen…

Miley hasn’t ever really kept her feelings for Liam quiet. All the love songs, all the break-up songs… She would even take to her Instagram just to share all the things she liked about him.

The fire that ripped apart the couple’s Malibu home last year now feels a little bit like a bad omen. I guess with love sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you put into it, how much time you invest, all it takes is for a strong wind to blow in the wrong direction for it all to come down in flames. …God, I’m starting to sound as deep as Miley, maybe her sage words over the last couple of days are rubbing off on me. (That and I’m playing her break up discography on shuffle haha)

These “fundamental differences” that the source claimed caused the split between Miley and Liam could have been starting a family? Of course, this is just speculation but sometimes loving someone isn’t enough when you’re at different places in your life. Liam is 29 now and could well be getting broody for his own brood. Chris and his wife Elsa have three children now, it would make sense if Liam wanted that for himself.

Who knows what will happen with Miley’s friendship with Elsa. The two girls have displayed a strong friendship over the last couple of years. They even have matching wave tattoos. From the looks of it, Liam and Miley are ending on good terms so there’s no reason why the girls shouldn’t remain friends. No longer sisters though 🙁

Miley and Liam have plenty of dogs together and have promised to continue to co-parent their dogs following the split. They have promised that they will “remain dedicated parents to all of their animals,”

Since the split, the internets went mad after photos were snapped of Miley making out with Brody Jenner’s ex, Kaitlynn Carter. The pair were seen smooching whilst holidaying in Lake Komo. Both Miley and Kaitlynn have only recently separated from their respective husbands, I guess that’s something to bond over right?

Jenner’s Hills co-star, Brandon Lee weighed in on Instagram calling the Miley and Kaitlynn pics a “scandal”, with Jenner replying that he would get pics of himself and Liam holding hands…

Not one to hold her tongue, Miley chimed in and told Jenner to take a nap and “cool off”. Who knows whether the kissing was a thing or not, with both Miley and Kaitlynn so recently single my guess is neither girls are looking to jump back into anything serious. Not that it’s Brody Jenner’s business anymore…

Sharing with her Instagram followers, Cyrus appears to be taking a very pragmatic approach to the break-up. as she says, “change is inevitable.” why fight it? (I can’t wait for the break-up album!!- which is also inevitable, right?)

Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem to be getting through this break-up by locking herself inside with a bucket of vegan ice-cream. She’s living for today. Maybe when you’ve broken up as many times as Liam and Miley have your post-break-up mindset is a well-oiled machine.

That’s right, Miley’s quoting herself, or rather the people who wrote the song “The Climb” for the 2009 classic, Hannah Montana: The Movie. And fair play, looking back at the lyrics of that track they are really perfect for anyone going through a break-up.

Miley seems to be looking back at her past to inspire herself moving forward. She is also listening to her parents. – A lesson I’m completely behind; our parents can talk a lot of sense. Taking to Instagram, Miley quoted Billy Ray, who told her:
“Nature never hurries but it is always on time”

I’m sure plenty of people will be questioning whether love can last after hearing about Liam and Miley’s split. With Miley saying “change is inevitable” it seems as though the “Wrecking Ball” singer is sceptical that love can last forever. But what about when she sang, “Don’t you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you,”? Maybe wanting, loving someone is forever but change means that sometimes; like with Liam and Miley, you have to walk away.