Miley Cyrus Calls Out Daily Mail for Claiming She's Pregnant With Hilarious Egg Joke | 22 Words

Sometimes, it's hard to know which celebrity rumors have credibility...and which rumors are just that. But it's a little easier to tell when the celebrity sets the record straight themselves!

Fast forward to this week: Miley Cyrus put Daily Mail on blast for claiming that she was pregnant. Spoiler alert: she's not. Yet rumors began circulating, as so-called unnamed sources apparently came forward and broke the news. Miley was quick to set the record straight, and she did it with humor, no less! Because there's a pretty hilarious photoshopped joke that went along with her response.

See just what Miley said, and the events that started this rumor mill!

Miley Cyrus (and beau Liam Hemsworth) were just recently headline news.

The couple got married back on December 23, 2018, in a private ceremony.

They've been an item since 2009.

The pair met on the set of The Last Song. They got engaged back in 2012, but broke up in 2013.

Of course, they found their way back together.

Miley and Liam rekindled their relationship in 2016, and Miley was seen wearing her engagement ring once again.

And yeah, it's all pretty adorable.

It looked like a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!

But a couple of celebrity news outlets took it even further.

Because "news" broke that Miley and Liam were apparently expecting a baby together.

The story was first published on 'OK Magazine's' website.

OK Magazine even cited an anonymous source, who apparently told the publication that "Miley's over the moon because she's carrying Liam's baby. It's a girl, which is what she and Liam hoped for."

Pretty in-depth, right?

OK Magazine also reported that the baby news was what prompted the couple to get married.

Honestly, it's kind of funny how much detail the 'source' put into this.

As OK Magazine put it:

"They were on the phone [shortly after they lost their house] with Liam in California and Miley in Tennessee," our source exclusively reveals.

Liam said, "I wish I had some good news." And Miley said, "I have news that will put all of this in perspective."'

If we hadn't heard the truth directly from the source, this kind of testimonial would potentially be pretty convincing!

The source even picked out a name.

Because according to the now-debunked story, the couple was hoping to name their child "Cassidy." So, I guess Liam and Miley already have one baby name suggestion if they eventually do decide to start a family?

A previous interview was also brought up.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine in 2009, Miley brought up the subject of starting a family. When asked where she'd be in a decade, the singer answered, "Hopefully I'll be settled: making movies, living in a house, maybe even married."

From there, Daily Mail picked up the story.

And it rapidly began spreading around Twitter, as such stories are wont to do.

But here's the thing: there's really no pregnancy.

Surprise! Just another celebrity rumor.

And since the chatter was so widespread, Miley spoke out herself.

In a delightfully 'punny' tweet, Cyrus set the record straight: she and Liam are super happy – as newlyweds and people who love each other are – but she's definitely not pregnant.

Here's the full tweet:

So, yeah. On no uncertain terms, the pop star would really like people to stop saying false things about her.

Oh, and a little background in case you're not sure what all that egg stuff was about:

Basically, 2019's current reigning celebrity is an egg.

Yes, an actual egg.

See, somebody (a kid from London, apparently) really wanted to break the world record for the most-liked Instagram post of all time.

Before this, Kylie Jenner held that honor.

The photo she posted of her daughter, Stormi, accumulated 18.6 million likes. So that was the number this egg had to beat.

A viral campaign began.

With hashtags such as #LikeTheEgg, #EggSoldiers, and #EggGang (because yeah, fans of the egg are now officially the Egg Gang) a battle for the Instagram crown began.

And it was successful.

As of right now, this photo of an egg is the most-liked photo in Instagram history.

It's a very oval-shaped egg! (How do you compliment an egg?)

Some people commented on the post, asking questions like "why this egg?" And we would answer that question with another: why not this egg?

The egg is extremely likable.

As of this writing, the post has racked up nearly 47.7 million likes. So yeah, it wins Instagram.

And it sounds like the Egg Leader (aka the person behind the account) has more ideas.

Honestly, we don't know what's gonna happen, but they shared this via Instagram after the egg post broke Kylie Jenner's record. What a time to be alive, indeed.

Just look at the egg's competition.

Post description: photo of an egg. Iconic.

Heck, there are tons of Instagram accounts reaping the side-benefits of The Egg.

Gotta catch those followers any way you can get 'em! Question: what will those fake accounts do when their followers realize they don't actually have record-breaking egg-content to deliver?

All we mortals can do is wonder how this egg succeeded where so many edible substances before it failed.

Some eggs just have that special pizzaz, you know?

Also that egg should probably hire a bodyguard.

Because it looks like Kylie Jenner wants revenge for this dramatic coup.

So, going back to the whole false pregnancy announcement...

Joke explained! Miley would like us to please refocus on that Instagram egg, and leave her imaginary baby out of this.

Hey, fair enough.

Rumors can be annoying, right? And, admittedly, the whole egg thing is pretty funny.

So let's do that.

And let the happy couple enjoy their first month of married life in peace!

I mean, just look at this:

Whatever other fake rumors are circulating around, the love is definitely real here.