Miley Cyrus Shows Off Dramatic Body Change | 22 Words

Miley's had a whirlwind couple of months. First, fans were freaking out after photos of the star looking worryingly skinny emerged. Then, Miley was caught making out with Cody Simpson. Then she confirmed that he is, in fact, her boyfriend, and then she was hospitalized with Cody rushing to her side. Oh, and she's been going through a highly publicized breakup from her husband, Liam Hemsworth, on top of all this.

Phew, all caught up?

Well, since that happened, it seems as if Cyrus has been hitting the headlines for her body and, it has to be said, she does look different...

Miley and Liam were one of Hollywood's most high profile couples.

With a relationship that spanned across almost a decade, the pair have been in and out of each other's lives for a long time.

And, when they finally tied the knot last December...

People thought that it would mark an end to their constant breakups.

How wrong they were.

Only seven months after getting married, the couple announced that they were calling it quits... Again.

Liam made the announcement on his Instagram...

In which he wrote, "Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward."

Miley moved on pretty quickly...

Miley's brief romance with Kaitlynn Carter stole our hearts for approximately twelve minutes before things fizzled out.

And Miley seems to have found someone else to fill that little void.

But you'll never guess who with... I did not see this one coming even though it makes sense.

Video footage was released of Miley having a cozy lunch with Cody Simpson.

You remember Cody, right? He was basically like the Australian Justin Bieber back in 2009, making that lovey-dovey kind of music with lines that only turned into lies as we grew up. Love is not as cute as Simpson made it out to be.

But, before that, they were caught lip-locking while on a trip to the grocery store.

via: YouTube

Not quite the romantic gossip I wanted, but it's adorable nonetheless. An E!News insider revealed the information on Thursday after seeing the pair for a "brief moment."

Cody and Miley have been friends for years now...

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So, he was there supporting Cyrus through all of her relationship ups and downs, and it seems as if the two have finally found some comfort in each other.

Some people have even brought up the fact that four years ago, the two went out on a couple of dates...

And they seem to have rekindled that old flame again.

In fact, it seems like Miley's admitted that Cody is actually her boyfriend.

Sure, this came as a shock, but if Miley's happy, we're happy.

The two seem pretty loved up.

via: Instagram

Miley revealed that Cody is her "BF" on her Instagram stories and, while this had the internet reeling, a lot of people had their minds on the "hospy" part of the caption instead...

Fans were worried at the sight of the star in the hospital.

Miley has sure had a tough couple of months and after those pics surfaced, Twitter was concerned, to say the least. "It breaks my heart seeing my baby at the hospital. Feel better soon MC," one Twitter-user wrote, while another wrote: "Miley Cyrus in a hospital bed sick gives me anxiety pray for baby girl! Wish her all the best!"

Miley was keeping her fans updated from her hospital bed.

via: Instagram

These updates included a picture of Cody rocking up to the hospital with roses and his guitar. Aw!

And since she has been discharged, she's been taking care of herself better.

She recently posted a video to Instagram where she is doing some yoga. Her sculpted figure has definitely gained some more definition which fans have noticed.

The short clip shows her doing the Cobra Pose...

As she gracefully gets back to her feet with ease, her flat stomach and her toned arms are proof that Cyrus has been including yoga in her daily routine.

Miley is in her workout gear revealing her fresh ink...

via: Instagram

You can clearly see her new skeleton tattoo that is rumored to be in homage to her man, Cody Simpson.

She also posted a black and white selfie outlining the benefits of yoga.

via: Instagram

"Found myself continually being called to my mat today. I surrender, back on the floor feeling it's grounding nature/properties."

She continued:

via: Instagram

"If you can take even 10 seconds to feel the weight of gravity and think of something or someone you are thankful for! Gratitude is the cure for stress."

Fans are just happy that the twenty-seven-year-old is taking care of herself.

We hope Miley continues to live her best life after having such a turbulent year. And if you're in the mood to read more about body positivity, then keep scrolling to see Adele's transformation! It's bloody amazing...