Since the dawn of civilization, society has created and perpetuated a false dichotomy where women's complex and versatile natures are compartmentalized into simple one-dimensional boxes. We are deemed to be either The Virgin Mary or Mary Magdeline. The librarian or the stripper. Tough or beautiful. But rarely are we viewed as both.

The truth is we are all both; we are all of these things. Yet subtle and subliminal societal messaging has told women that they can't have it all; they can't be it all, and sadly, many of us believe it. But it's simply not true.

Women's fitness line, Curves N Combatboots, is inspiring Servicewomen everywhere to share images of themselves both in and out of uniform to show the world just how bold and beautiful they truly are. These strong and beautiful women have dedicated their lives to being of service to our country.

They are fighting our wars, putting out our fires, and catching our bad guys. They are students, mothers, soldiers, sailors, police officers and firefighters, all while being super smart, strong as hell, and smoking hot. They have it all. They do it all. And they look frickin' amazing while doing it.

These 20 Military and Servicewomen prove that women are fully capable of the fulfilling the same roles as men with only one exception; we make it look good.

This deputy sheriff's beauty is arresting.

Meagan Michele is a 25-year-old Law Enforcement Officer from Southern California. She's been a deputy sheriff for almost two years for the largest county in the nation. Meagan is currently on patrol and if you're lucky, she just may catch you speeding.

Wonderwoman has got nothing on this Airwoman.

Kerrin O'Neill is a member of the US Air Force who loves the outdoors, motorcycles, and working out. If she wasn't already every man's fantasy, she's also an identical twin. Commence the drooling.

It's a good thing this Airwoman is a medic because she's truly breathtaking.

Amanda Greenbay is a 22-year-old from Orlando, Florida but she's currently stationed in Ohio. She's been an Air Force Medic for two years and is currently pursuing her nursing degree. Amanda plans on commissioning and working as a flight nurse. She loves lifting, hiking, snowboarding, and traveling every chance she gets.

This Navy Sailor's got abs of steel and a heart of gold.

Jazzi Jessica has been an active duty Navy sailor for 5 years and is currently in the Airforce reserves. She loves to lift, shoot guns, and eat pizza rolls. On Curves N Combatboots Instagram page she writes, "I am a huge advocate for supporting other women we need more of that in the world, so make sure you show my fellow service sisters some love." She is also working on starting a nonprofit to help support wounded warriors.

Cool of the USAF to let its members also be underwear models.

This is Lauren Slisher, a member of the honor guard for the United States Air Force. It's very cool to see her own both their sexuality in designer underwear and their power in crisp dress blues.

No matter the attire, her eyes stay gorgeous.

Deja Riley is an Army specialist stationed in the New York area. It's impossible to not both respect her and be attracted to her. Sorry, that's just how it goes.

This girl is just overall making the world better.

In addition to serving in the US Navy, Michelle Martinez is studying to be a blood spatter analyst, meaning she's both protecting the country and getting ready to solve crimes. We owe her a double-debt.

Proof that the camo jumpsuits are not flattering.

If there's anything to glean from Noel Niccum's post on Curves 'N' Combatboots, it's that there is always a good chance there is a perfect, toned body underneath those unflattering camo jumpsuits.

Yinori has the best interests.

Not only is Yinori here absolutely stunning, she says in her Curves 'N' Combat Boots post that she "loves working out, playing with [her] puppy and meeting new people." And while working out and meeting newq people are whatever, anyone who likes dogs is A-OK in my book.

The Army got a good one here.

Steph Russell looks gorgeous in yellow and in brown/green/dark brown, but she mentions joining the Army "to provide a life for [her] daughter that [Steph] knew she deserved." And that's adorable.

She is, in a lot of ways, dangerous.

Yarden Ardity is "an IDF military veteran who’s passionate about shooting and occasionally modeling." And it's like, you're supposed to be either gorgeous
or intimidating. God should not be giving with both hands!

Okay, this just isn't fair.

How does someone as stunning as Sydney Davis get to be this smoking while also getting to work as "a Military Working Dog Handler in the Air Force"? I didn't even know the Air Force had dog handlers! I would've joined if I did!

If only that one-piece were a standard-issue uniform.

Model and Air Force member Megan Cash is both smoking hot and also smoking patriotic.

She just emanates confidence.

The Navy sailor is absolutely crushing it in both her casual beachwear and the weird digital camouflage military people of today have to wear (which is much harder to pull off than the old-school splotch camouflage).

I honestly didn't know there were so many models in the military.

Another member of the USAF, Abby here cares about "fitness, skincare, school and traveling."

A gorgeous soldier you could bring home to mom.

While a lot of these photos have gone the route of "can you believe these soldiers are so hot?" but this model and Army National Guard officer, Ellie Baran, makes us ask "Can you believe these soldiers are so sweet-looking and beautiful and the kind of woman you could see yourself falling in love with?"

She can definitely beat me up.

Wendy Lee is a self-described fit mom and law enforcement officer. She looks equally attractive and intimidating in both her uniformed and fitness clothes pictures.

Both stunning and deserving of our respect.

Michelle Young has been deployed to Afghanistan — not the kind of career trajectory you'd expect if you were only looking at her picture on the right.

Finally, a Marine!

A Marine who's been stationed all around the country, Tiona looks incredible, whether she's in her swimsuit or her full Marines regalia.

A cryptologist with curves like that?

Navy cryptologist Katherine is, yes, stunning in both her Navy and beach threads, but also? She's a cryptologist? They're good at solving puzzles! That means she's also got a beautiful brain (brain's beauty levels are measured by how smart they are).

Sergeant Lowery looks incredible.

Not everyone has the confidence to pull off a bikini like that, but I suppose it makes sense that one person who could would be someone who spent nine years in the Air Force?

She's both gorgeous and powerful.

It's very cool to see women like Kimberly here get in such incredible shape while serving our country. I want these strong badass ladies looking out for my freedoms!

Objectively, this is a goddess.

Dominica is a Navy mom who is not only going after a degree. She's minoring in Psychology, but majoring in Dance, which might explain the jaw-dropping costume she has on here.

A lovely woman doing lovely things in the world.

Shannon Louise is another very pretty Marine, and she's also running a coffee shop that donates 15 percent of ts profits to those of us struggling with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Look, Tiara here is stunning and doing a great thing for our country, but...

In addition to serving and looking great, she also mentions being a cheese head from Wisconsin. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, that means she is my enemy. Sorry! That's just how it has to be.

Makeup, tattoos, and bravery: the perfect combo.

Alicia from Lexington, Kentucky looks good in both of these looks, and again, I cannot emphasize enough how hard it is to work that digital camouflage. It makes it look like the woman is being displayed on a computer with a very old modem.

Are cops supposed to be this pretty?

Obviously Morgan here is a total smoke show, but I can't help but feel like, if I were pulled over by her at a routine traffic stop, I might accidentally tell her every traffic violation I'd done, just because I'd be looking into her eyes? Maybe she's wearing those aviators as a favor to all us bad drivers.

Oh my!

Sergeant Morgan is not only in the security forces for the Air Force, she also volunteers at the zoo, working with the lions and the tigers and, presumably, the bears. (I mean, she only mentioned the lions and tigers specifically, but if you already had those two checked off, why not get a bear and complete the set?)

Four years in the Army and still looking fine.

Yakira is hoping to go to law school, meaning she will both be enforcing the law on the ground level in the Armed Services and in the more ephemeral level by writing those very laws herself.

She must be both physically and mentally strong.

I can't imagine going to Afghanistan and ever doing anything again that isn't shivering at home in my bed. But Victoria did serve one deployment, and came back to take an interest in exercise and cooking. Godspeed, Victoria. Godspeed.

Army National Guard member Tyler speaks softly, but carries a big gun.

Not gonna lie to you, I think it would be very cool to see her holding that enormous gun in her smoking red dress. You just don't see women carrying excessively massive guns when they're out on the town, you know?

Let's give the Coast Guard some love.

Sharina has spent the last six years on active duty for the Coast Guard, and says. "When I’m not out at sea, I spend all of my time at the gym." As if that weren't obvious.

A police officer who is also a model and makeup artist?

She's pretty, yes, and brave, yes, but once again, we have to talk about the dog. Victoria Smith mentions having a Golden Retriever — objectively the best kind of dog.

The Mother of Dragons joined the armed services and we are all doomed.

Isabelle has been in the German Air Force for years, and her hobbies include fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, and looking exactly like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

This First Class Army Sergeant will have you standing at attention and ready to follow orders.

Leilani Hartley is an SFC in the US Army and has been in for 11 years. She's been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan, been to Pathfinder school and passed her 1st time through. On Curves N Combatboots Instagram page she writes:
I am a firm believer in positive motivation for all, especially women in the military because we don’t always get a good name. I am also a Nationally Qualified bikini competitor with 3 knees surgeries and still going strong.

This Fiery Officer has even law-abiding citizens praying for an encounter with the law.

Danyell Maree is a Law Enforcement Officer and self-described Christ follower, beer drinker, and gun shooter. Down to earth, drop-dead gorgeous, and armed and dangerous? Hallelujah!

This US Marine is among the few, the proud, and the gorge.

Cassandra Jedlinski is a US Marine who is currently debating pursuing her education or enrolling in the Air Force when she completes her time at Camp Lejeune. She describes her Marine Corps experience as a love-hate relationship but believes that the people she has met on her journey have shaped her into the woman she now is. And what a woman she has become!

Whether in fatigues or formal wear, this US Marine is simply stunning.

Tara is a 25-year-old US Marine Corps Veteran who is pursuing her degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution. She  writes, "Life is a sexy little dance, and I love to take the lead." By serving our country and redefining what it means to be a modern woman, Tara is undoubtedly leading the way for women everywhere.

There's no question that this retired Marine, full-time model, and self-described "closet nerd" is a triple threat.

Shannon Ihrke served as Marines from the time she was 19 until she was 23 years old and absolutely loved it. Since then, she's been modeling full time and has been featured on the cover of Maxim Magazine US Edition.

From a small town in northern Minnesota, Shannon is a self-described "country girl through and through." She enjoys camping, hiking, horseback riding, and even mathematics. She's earned her Bachelor's degree in Science and considers herself to be "a closet nerd." Shannon's service shows that women, nerds, and models alike, are complex creatures who can excel in all areas.

This US Marine is kicking ass and taking names.

Jenn Isdaname is originally from the south side of Chicago and has been a US Marine for going on 8 years. She loves fitness and naps. She aims to "inspire young girls and women who have been at their lowest point mentally, physically, and spiritually and let them know that things do get better, and if possible be able to help them in that journey." She describes herself as being "sometimes chola" and "sometimes classy," but clearly she is always amazing.

This Airwoman proves that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.

Anna Paulina is an Airwoman for the US Airforce and a force to be reckoned with. This military model and med student is the total package.

This Soldier brings grace and grit to the National Guard.

Grace started out in the Army Reserve 5 years ago, then contracted with ROTC and became a 09R in the National Guard. She plans to soon commission a Military Intelligence Officer and enjoys staying active, hiking, and reading good books. There's no doubt that this gorgeous ginger is gracing our country with her service!

This Sailor's beauty and bravery are above board.

Shannah Williams is a US Navy Corpsman from Missouri. Her favorite hobbies include working out, competing in bikini competitions and hiking.

This intelligent and athletic US Navy Air Traffic Controller is headed in the right direction.

Erin is currently on active duty as an Air Traffic Controller in the US Navy and is stationed out of San Diego, CA. The 23-year-old is bilingual, plays the cello and loves Star Trek. Erin shares on Curves N Combatboots:
I love pushing my body to its physical limits and seeing what it is physically capable of accomplishing. I would love to someday compete as a Crossfit athlete!

This Aviation Ordnanceman's flight path is on track to greatness.

Geena Sidhu has been serving on active duty in the US Navy for 7 years. The Aviation Ordnanceman is working toward her Bachelor's degree in Political Science and plans to complete a Master's degree in Homeland Security as well. Geena hopes to contribute to the counterterrorism community after her service in the Navy. She also loves tacos.

This Medic Airforce Veteran and Model will resuscitate you after her beauty makes your heart skip a beat.

Charissa Littlejohn is a US Airforce Veteran, Medic, and model with a Master's degree in Healthcare. At 5'11 inches tall, Charissa describes herself as one "tall ass model." Charrisa may be a model on the catwalk, but she also happens to be a model citizen.

This Coast Guardsman has women everywhere guarding their men.

Jay Netti is a 23-year-old Marine Science Technician in the Coast Guard who'soriginally from Michigan but currently stationed in North Carolina. Besides saving lives she enjoys playing the piano, working out, playing soccer and is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan all the way.

Don't mess with this Blackhawk Bombshell.

Bailey is a 29-year-old Active Duty Army Blackhawk Combat Assault Crew Chief, Maintainer, and Door Gunner. She is one of the only three females in the entire post who maintain this elite position. She loves the gym, competition shooting, and has a passion for horses and roping. On Curves N Combatboots she writes:
Pinup modeling and the classic golden era has always been a passion of mine. Most importantly I love this country and the opportunity it gave me as a woman to work hard to earn the position I have while serving.

This Airwoman inspires women to take command and control.

Meet Airman Briana Hightower. She is an Active Duty Air Force stationed at Luke Air Force base Arizona. She is command and control, and currently in Nursing School. Through her service and modeling career, Briana hopes to motivate women to love themselves and their bodies.

This Navy Sailor and aspiring fitness competitor has got it all figured out.

Meredith Northrup is a Gunners Mate second class onboard USS John Paul Jones who's in charge of the operation and maintenance of missile launcher MK 41. When she's not launching missiles or shooting guns, you can find her at the gym 2-3 times a day, as she is working hard to pursue her dream of becoming a figure competitor. While these Servicewomen are cleary drop-dead gorgeous and trained to kill, let us remember that they're also the keeping us safe and free. And without a doubt, they're making us proud. While it's totally acceptable to acknowledge their beauty, let's not forget to acknowledge the sacrifices they make for each one of us, each and every day. To women of all Women of Service, we bow to your beauty, thank you for your service, and salute your bravery.