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When we think of vintage clothes, we think of our mom's old Levi jeans, a hand-me-down sweater, or maybe a cute dress from the thrift store.

We don't tend, think of literal vintage clothes. And when I say literal, I mean actual garments of clothing from the Victorian period. Top hats, tailored jackets, waistcoats, corsets... Fashion back in the day was interesting, to say the least.

And there's one young man who is certainly a couple of seasons behind when it comes to his fashion sense.

Michael Koropisz from the U.K. adores the Victorian era so much that he's looking for a woman who is as obsessed as he is... And he has never felt more comfortable.

Keep scrolling to read about him, including what he looks for in a potential partner. Good luck to him in finding a woman like that...

The world of fashion can be a strange place.

It's a method of self-expression. No matter what kind of person you are, there is some garment of clothing out there that will help you express who you really are.

And there are always people who take things to the extreme...

Some people will wear the most ridiculous things, and attempt to justify it by calling it fashion. Don't even get me started on bucket hats...

Others simply struggle to keep up with the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Honey, it's 2019. Flared jeans were left behind in the '70s. It takes a little extra encouragement for some people to dress appropriately for their decade.

Though vintage clothes are very fashionable nowadays...

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Dressing in clothes that were designed a couple of decades before you were even born is all the rage right now.

But there's one man who's dressing for the entirely wrong century...

Yep, it turns out that there is, indeed, a market for the most vintage of vintage fashion.

Meet Michael Koropisz.

A twenty-four-year-old bachelor from the United Kingdom.

As you can probably tell, he doesn't look like your average sort of guy.

Michael is nothing like what we're all used to. He's a blast from the past in every aspect of his life. From the way he dresses, all the way down to his lifestyle.

Acting like he's from the Victorian period, Michael is a brave man.

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In an increasingly judgemental society, Michael defies all of our expectations. He chooses to dress in top hats and tailcoats, instead of puffy jackets and extra skinny jeans.

He has even gone as far as redecorating his home.

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That's right, he has revamped his place with antiques including candelabras and gold-rimmed tea sets. He takes "vintage" to a whole other level.

Michael has sorted his bedroom out and is now focussed on renovating the rest of his house.

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Even though his bedroom cost him almost nine thousand dollars, he is determined to make sure his humble abode boasts a coherent Victorian theme throughout.

Despite receiving odd looks from strangers, he is confident in his lifestyle.

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He said: "I have always been fascinated by the history that surrounds me – I have been dressing the way I do for as long as I can remember."

"My earliest memory is seeing a top hat for sale in the window of a shop and asking my mother to buy it for me."

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I remember asking my mum for a stuffed unicorn and her saying "no". Michael's parents said "yes" and that's when his unique obsession started.

His love got stronger as he grew up...

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"I dedicate my life to the era and have spent tens of thousands of pounds on clothing and furnishings – I don’t have a budget for my passion for history. My friends and family don’t share my interest and the way I choose to live my life, but that doesn’t matter to me."

His brother tried to get him interested in football... but it didn't work.

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"Most people looked at the class as boring history, but I really connected with it. I felt as though I really understood it and the way people were. After learning about the era I began to base my life around it. I adore everything from the era: the fashion, the morals, the aesthetics of furniture and even the music."

Michael writes in quill and ink, doesn't watch TV, and travels everywhere on an old-fashion bicycle.

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...Until it got stolen. He describes himself as the perfect Victorian gentleman and yes ladies, he's single!

"I am always polite," he claims.

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"People have always told me how polite I am ever since childhood. I detest ill-humor or anything dirty in conversation and I never swear either. I only listen to music written before 1900 and I attend the opera many times a year, often in my own private box. I also play the piano to a high standard and therefore relate to the music more." Seems like the ideal guy, right?

And it gets better...

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He's also a talented artist. He commissions portraits designed with oil paints and has even been recognized by celebrities for his talent.

He claims people love him.

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"People buy my art not just for what it is but also for the artist who creates it so I always make sure I’m dressed in dinner tails when I unveil a portrait."

And apparently his fashion sense has made him more appealing to women...

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I can imagine why. Michael said his gentlemanly attitude also means that he gets plenty of attention from the ladies and even though he's single, he is not "unwanted." He likes to be modest about it... Well, kind of.

"I am one of the most eligible bachelors for miles around."

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However, if you've got your eye on Michael, you'll have to ditch the image of the modern woman and adopt a love for corsets, because it seems as if he's got a very particular type.

"I would prefer someone like me," he says.

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"When I do decide to marry, I would prefer someone like me. A lady who wears a bustle and feathers in her hat, and who could accompany me with her singing as I play the piano late into the evening."

However, I don't think he cares too much in finding the woman of his dreams...

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"My career as an artist is far more important to me than love – I spend each day thinking of new ideas, painting and being creative."

His paintings are actually pretty impressive.

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He's been featured in galleries up and down the country and has a degree in Fine Arts. I mean, everyone loves a career man, but don't expect him to paint you "like one of his French girls," because he likes to keep it classy.

"I never get the time to work on my emotions."

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"‘But – when the time is right – I know I will be a perfect suitor. And, as I base everything I do on that of the Victorian era, I would love to have a woman to share this with one day also."

So ladies, if you fit that bill, head on down to Manchester to meet the man of your dreams.

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You must have the voice of an angel and wear feathers in your hat, or you can kiss your chance goodbye. And if you want to read about a woman that seems to be just as obsessed with living in the past as much as he is, then keep scrolling.