Millie Bobby Brown Just Posted a Photo of Her Feet and People Won't Stop Trolling Her 'Freaky' Toes | 22 Words

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the world's biggest stars right now. The sixteen-year-old has been in the limelight from the moment she was granted the role of "Eleven" in Stranger Things and was propelled to superstardom. But that light has since turned sour as the media and fans alike have started scrutinizing her every move, from the way she dresses to who she chooses to hang out with.

And this latest story proves just how challenging being a child-star can be. Keep scrolling to see why a certain photograph of her toes has caught fans' attention...

You've all heard of Millie Bobby Brown, right?

Starting out in drama workshops up and down the country, this English actress was scouted by a Hollywood talent agent who told her parents she could "mix it with the best kids in Hollywood."

And that's all it took for her parents to pack up their things and move to Los Angeles.

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It only took a week for Millie to be rubbing elbows with up and coming stars and not only that, every agency she came into contact with offered to represent her. Imagine being that talented.

With the rest of Hollywood behind her, she stepped into the industry with ease.

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She made appearances in well-known TV programmes including, Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy.

And in 2016, she landed a major role in Stranger Things.

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Starring as Eleven, a telekinetic prisoner who becomes obsessed with a snack called Eggo. Arguably, the teen has found the most global success from the show.

But growing up in the spotlight has come with its own challenges.

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The problem with becoming "famous" is that you have to give up privacy. You're forced to watch your life unfold in a way that you could never imagine, with false news being spread about yourself as well as the people around you.

We've seen what it has done to other young stars.

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Take Justin Bieber for instance. We watched the little sixteen-year-old from Canada live out his dreams in the spotlight. But as they became more intrusive, he became more defensive, which ultimately led to a flurry of negative press that ruined his life.

There's no stone that's left untouched.

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The media scrutinizes anyone they can, spreading lies or false rumors, about even young children, just to sell a story. It's the worst aspect of becoming a celebrity and Millie Bobby Brown has obviously become a victim of the press.

It started with her friendships...

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Or, as some people claimed, her relationships. Brown was repeatedly seen hanging out with men much older than her which left fans unsettled.

One of the most scandalous was none other than music mogul Drake...

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Drake was slammed for hanging out with Milly Bobby Brown on many occasions. Obviously, some think it was innocent but one of his supposed girlfriends was an eighteen-year-old model, who Drake first came into contact with when she was only sixteen and he was twenty-nine. Yikes.

And then the media jumped onto how she chose to dress.

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I mean, when we were in our teens, we dressed in tutus with flared jeans underneath. Maybe the occasional hot pink leather jacket and pom-pom earrings to top off the look. But nowadays, things are completely different...

Millie Bobby Brown is the perfect example of that.

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She, unlike all of us, opts to wear gowns and outfits that have been deemed "too adult-like." Though some people are stating that she is allowed to dress however she wants, others have piped up saying she is giving those her own age an unattainable standard.

And this latest controversy links to this fact.

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According to reports, she claimed she wanted to show everyone "what it’s like being a woman of her age." Firstly, you're not a woman... yet. A sixteen-year-old is a child.

She said she wanted to "wear more fitted clothing."

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"I would really enjoy wearing more fitted clothes now," she said. "I feel like I’m becoming someone and being a woman so I just want to show that. I think about the girls who are going to look at the picture, those young girls that are going to look at me and if they think, 'Wow that’s what I should dress up as'."

And when these pictures surfaced, fans could not believe what they were witnessing...

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This was not the Millie Bobby Brown they knew. The hair extensions, the dress, the lipstick... It didn't really work for anyone.

And now it seems as though fans have a whole different reason to troll the young star.

And yes, it might be because of a photo she posted herself.

A few days ago, Millie Bobby Brown posted a photo that had the world reeling...

Some in disgust and others in shock...

She posted a photo of her toes and the world immediately lost their s***.

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I mean, I think I saw 5 toes...

But I might be wrong...

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It might have been 4... One of them was debatable.

Others tried to deflect the attention away from her feet...

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But it was hard because people just couldn't stop discussing her little piggies.

Some users only had emojis to post...

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It wasn't that bad, was it?

I've never heard Millie has 4 toes... ever.

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But this photo proves otherwise.

This user described it as "suspicious."

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That's the perfect adjective...

Others couldn't believe that she exposed herself like this...

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Toe enthusiasts were left satisfied I guess.

People went as far as tagging their own friends so they could check it out for themselves.

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This is some quality content. Keep scrolling to see the full post.

It could have just been the angle right?

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Even then, it looks too weird...

Here's the full post:

Wait until you see the zoomed-in second picture...

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen...

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How many toes can you see? I think there's 5 for sure... right? Keep scrolling to see some more toe-related photo fails.