Now we all love an award show. The glitz, the glamor, the dresses; awards season is the most wonderful time of the year!

But there's one star whose look has been nearly universally slammed for being "inappropriate" and "disturbing." Millie Bobby Brown might need to sack her stylist!

But let's start with a count down to our favorite red carpet looks!

25. Reese Witherspoon

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Sadly, Reese's Celine dress just missed the mark for us.

24. Marin Hinkle

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This looks like one of those cheap metallic pleated skirts you'd find on the store sale rack.

23. Madeline Brewer

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This is giving us major sweet sixteen birthday bash vibes... and not in a good way.

22. Storm Reid

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Props to her for being a bit more daring with her look, but we have to admit, we aren't a fan of the neckline combined with those feathery textures.

21. Stephanie Kurtzuba

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This honestly looks like someone recycled some '70s carpet and made it into a dress.

20. Catherine Ohara

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Sadly, the sequins and flowy fabric kind of make this dress come off as cheap.

19. Natalia Dyer

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This metallic Dior number was a little aging for the Stranger Things star.

18. Gwendoline Christie

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The shape of this gown is a huge fashion miss for us.

17. Elisabeth Moss

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It's just a bit boring.

16. Francesca Reale

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Those collars should have been left in 2013.

15. Lisa Edelstein

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That pattern is unforgivable.

14. Zoe Kravitz

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Something about paring those gloves with that dress really doesn't sit right with us.

13. Dakota Fanning

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Overall just not a fan...

12. Priah Ferguson

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Anyone else getting Ashley Tisdale red carpet 2007 vibes?

11. Patricia Arquette

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The silhouette on this suit is just all wrong.

10. Ryan Michelle Bathe

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Too much going on. Period.

9. Pollyanna Macintosh

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Is this a beach cover-up? Or a Coachella outfit? Either way, it shouldn't be worn on the red carpet.

8. Alex Borstein

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We hate to be that person but this just doesn't look right at all.

7. Christina Applegate

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It's just too loud for us.

6. Stephanie Hsu

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There is nothing okay about the cut of this dress.

5. Ashleigh Lathrop

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Once again we ask... what is this pattern? Also, the jewels on top are just too much.

4. Rachel Brosnahan

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Those draped jewels on the neckline details are big no from us. It feels like we've teleported back to 2012.

3. Winona Ryder

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We get that she's going for the cool gothic vibes but the tuxedo jacket over the flowy dress is just an odd combo.

2. Sarah Hyland

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Okay so what exactly is going on?

1. Margot Robbie

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But there was one star on the red carpet who grabbed all the attention.

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The problem was, it was for all the wrong reasons!

Because people noticed one thing about the ensemble.

It was hardly something that could be termed "age-appropriate," right?

In fact, it was highly ageing.

Not just by a couple of years - but by, like, a couple of decades.

And people think the stylist made a major misfire.

We understand that being fifteen makes styling difficult - but this is just weird!

It's like an optical illusion!

How can this outfit be on a fifteen-year-old??

In fact, some people read into the look.

Is it representative of how fame prematurely ages a person?

Some made this joke.

From a kid on Stranger Things, Brown seems to have aged decades in just years.

Some made this comparison.

It really brings into contrast how a fifteen-year-old usually looks.

Or how about this contrast?

Meryl Streep looks more youthfully dressed than Millie here!

And look at her with her castmates!

This really is a bit creepy ...

Although some have stood up for Brown.

In an industry where little girls are made to grow up before they're ready, how else could we hope for her to dress? Fancy more controversial celebrity outfits? Scroll on for the weird and wonderful looks from the 2020 Golden Globes.