Mini Horse Named Teaspoon Can Trot Again Thanks to Wheelchair

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Veterinary science has come in leaps and bounds over the years, and it is truly remarkable as to what vets can now do to help animals.

One miniature horse named Teaspoon has recently been offered a helping hand by some kind vets after being left unable to walk and the results are incredible.

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Being a vet is a heroic profession…

A person who saves animals for a living… what could be better?!

Veterinary science has truly come in leaps and bounds, and more and more techniques have been created to help animals in need.

And even the smallest of animals can now be saved when they are in need, rather than being euthanized.

Animals can’t exactly be sat in a wheelchair as us humans can.

Many animals can now heal their broken bones with a make-shift wheelchair specially designed for our 4-legged friends.

The organization, which is based here in New Jersey, runs a sanctuary for disabled goats and other small 4-legged animals who require wheelchairs, prosthetics, and just overall care and shelter.

The charity puts everything into caring for their patients…

And all donations go toward shelter, food, vet bills, and prosthetics/wheelchairs for the animals under their care.

And their most recent patient has certainly stolen a lot of hearts around the world after going viral on social media.

The miniature horse is only 5 months old and she has landed herself in the care of Goats of Anarchy after being bitten on the back of her leg by a venomous snake a few months ago.

And because of the snake bite, her leg became necrotic and it was sadly amputated earlier this month.

Which is how Teaspoon became sheltered with Goats of Anarchy.

Walkin’ Pets – an organization that specializes in animal wheelchairs – wanted to help and they built their first-ever horse wheelchair for her especially.

And it didn’t take her long to get used to her new method of transport!

She took to walking like a fish to water!

To help contribute to Teaspoon’s care and learn more about Goats of Anarchy, visit the rescue’s website here. Make sure to keep scrolling to learn about the parrot who received some brand new wings from a kind vet…