I don't want to be mean, but dandruff is super gross. Don't worry though, it is super common, and nearly everyone has it at some point. It can be super persistent, so much so the white snowflakes and itchy scalp can affect your day-to-day life.

I've been down that road and can tell you that the glowing reviews for Nizoral's $11 dandruff shampoo are right on the money.

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Unlike other dandruff shampoos that rely on pyrithione zinc, Nizoral's formula uses 1 percent ketoconazole.


And in other words, that means that it does the job of prescription shampoo while being available over-the-counter. That's why it's been voted Amazon's best-selling shampoo and a top-seller in Amazon's overall beauty category.

And it deserves all the praise it gets, believe me!


Over 39,000 shoppers have decreed that the formula worth a five-star rating, and over 5,000 have added their two cents on why it's so good. This shampoo clears up dandruff incredibly quickly, cleans hair, adds a nice shine, and aids hair growth. It's pretty much magic hair dust.

"This stuff is absolutely amazing. I had severe dandruff that was so bad, I could shake my head and it would come off," writes one person, who says they were one step away from heading to the dermatologist.


"With just a few uses per week, I got rid of all of my flakes. My scalp also stopped burning from dryness. My hair has never been healthier."

Another Shopper added: "Changed my life!!! It is the only thing that actually gets rid of the itching, scaling, and buildup.

"I suggest this to everyone I know who has dandruff. The plus is that it is also just a really good shampoo, [and] leaves your hair very clean and soft." Clean and soft isn't the end of it, with more people emphasizing how "shiny and smooth" it leaves their strands."

Nizoral is different from other brands because it doesn't just address the symptoms, but gets right to the root (see what I did there!) of the problem.


It kills the fungus that helps create dandruff; This powerful dandruff relief shampoo controls flaking, scaling, and itching caused by dandruff.

A person with dandruff can lose 2-3 times more hair per day. Nizoral's powerful active ingredient controls dandruff AND helps control hair loss from dandruff.


Unlike some other dandruff shampoos, Nizoral's luxurious formula has a clean fresh scent. And, you only have to use it two times a week. The perfect addition to your hair care routine to leave you feeling fresh, clean, shiny, and smooth.

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