25 Miraculous Photos of People in Their Ugly Duckling Phase Who Then Grew up to Be Hot

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The Ugly Duckling Stage: we’ve all been there. Bangs, braces, pimples and just the strangest hand-me-downs anyone has ever seen.

It’s always fun to look back and see the change, mostly just to reflect that those stages never last forever and then thank our lucky stars that we don’t look the same.

These are some serious glow-ups that none of us saw coming.

These photos are four years apart; what a difference those four years can make! You go girl. Don’t feel bad–orange really isn’t anyone’s color anyway. @Khodg  

All girl scouts grow up! You should be proud of those badges, but maybe not so proud of the choice in glasses.

“My dad used to call me ugly Betty, and I took it as a compliment.” @Chief-_-Queef I mean I don’t think anyone could make that green, fuzzy hoodie look good; heck, you might look better in it than Ugly Betty could herself! Now you have luscious locks and some pearly whites. #Blessed

Sweet niblets, what a glow-up. Who knew that jaw line would show up so strongly? I am so thankful. @fakechowprodigy  

And you got a degree? Get it girl! That’s a real comeback.

Distracted by the cute doggo, but then that bowl cut really got my attention. Glad your beautiful locks grew out! I’m sure you don’t miss your bangs; it’s hard to rock that haircut, but hey, kudos for trying. @GingerSnapplez

Looks like your ugly duckling self is hating on your new fabulous looks! Work that camera, those curls, that make-up! You are killing it. @meganam38  

Awkward to absolutely fabulous. Those curls! Major heart eyes.  Two thumbs up for you. @cocoamilky  

Anyone else think he looks like a beautiful werewolf from Twilight? I’m digging the long locks and the black V-neck works for you, young and old. No longer the ugly duckling, but the sexy werewolf. True glow-up.

Who knew a haircut could so insanely change the game! Again, orange is really no one’s color, so that’s totally forgivable. Thank you, puberty! @xVampyreQueenx  

Okay, this seriously does not look like the same person. That beard really works wonders. @CodeSamurai  

Looking like a straight Vogue model. Miracles are real, people. This is evidence! @Teddyzander  

“From Sundaes to Runways; I grew up quite a bit from 17 to 21.” @jacobyflynn Wow, so glad to know that he ended up on the runway, exactly where he belongs. You could stop traffic with looks like that.

Even though the second picture is taken in front of a toilet, you still look fabulous. What a transformation. That black and white combo looks so different after so many years and I am living for it. @selinaf910  

Time is truly a magician. I am not afraid of change if this is what it looks like! @SkrtMcgrt  

I wonder if she still has that stuffed dog? Anyways, that eyeshadow? Yes. Those waves? Work. You grew up right. The ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan! @Kellilendman  

“I was that one kid in high school who still had a roller backpack.” @lajoyaaa

This is how scruff is supposed to look. Thank you, and your old ugly duckling ways, for showing up and showing out.

Those eyebrows may have brought the definition of fleek when you grew up. Kind of still digging that hair wrap, though. Those things were always cool to me.

Ugly duckling now has pearly whites and perfect skin and traded that sweater vest for some bling.

She’s a mouse, duh. Not an ugly duckling.

I can see the potential in this duckling. I’m sure it took time, but she was serving looks from the beginning.


I am definitely not missing those locks, but everyone has a weird hair phase that they regret. But you make up for that hair faux pas with that killer beard+mustache combo.

Ugly duckling finds out how to use tweezers! Big fan of this glow-up.

I think we are all thankful for this glow-up. The awkwardness in the first photo is almost overwhelming. What a relief that you are now a grown ass gorgeous woman!


Age 13 to 22! @briannamichelle

You go, girl! From band to beauty! @sparklejackie

This is quite a progression! @Whosyournanny

What a jawline! @Out_In_Space

Age 12 to 21! @bthnp

Whoa! From bro to beefcake in only 8 years! @Frb123456

Age 13 to 21. This barely looks like the same person! Amazing what a haircut can do… @Gemjar21

Wow, she looks so happy in the second pic! @reds07

Age 16 to 28. Look at your glow, girl! We love this. @ kymberlicodes

Obsessed with her adorable freckles! @throwmeout2dry

Age 16 to 28. This is truly remarkable! What a stud! @poppiesca

Age 17 vs age 27. In the words of this gentleman, “This is a 10-year glow up aided by Lasik, a gym, & my talented eyebrow threading lady.” @upwithcharlie

From age 25 to age 40! This woman says, “Life begins at 40!” @Jbcarter77

Age 10 to 20! @Jbcarter77

This is our favorite transformation of them all! We love to see people evolve into their most true, honest, and happy selves! She’s gorgeous. @ahudgins00