Miss Alaska Makes History as She’s Crowned New Miss America

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It’s the 100th time that someone has been crowned ‘Miss America’, and this year, that ‘someone’ has just made history.


Emma Broyles, nineteen, wears the Miss Alaska title ever so proudly.

And now, the young influencer and model has been crowned Miss America, too.
But, it’s not just about wearing stunning tiaras, dresses, heels, and makeup…

Winning the title depends on what you have going on inside, and what you’re prepared to do to make an incredible impact on those depending on you.


Well, this young pageant winner is truly beautiful inside and out.

And she’s prepared to work to inspire everyone she can.

Attending the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University, she studies biomedical science and voice performance.

And she loves to give back to her community, too, choosing “building community through Special Olympics” for her social initiative section of the pageant.

Emma has been a part of the organization for over twelve years. This is all thanks to her, now twenty-one-year-old, brother who has down-syndrome and became an athlete when he was just 7-years-old.


Now, Emma is a great rolemodel for a lot of people, especially in a society that demands unrealistic expectations from women everyday.

1 thing that stands out about the new Miss America is that she is the the 1st woman who is already Miss Alaska, to win the title. But, she wants to show people that she’s no better than anyone else, and even she has things she’s working through.

“I think that in that sense it kind of puts Miss America in this box that’s put aside from the rest of society,” she said, as per the Insider.

“One thing that I’ve really tried to do as Miss Alaska is show people that I am real. I have flaws. I have ADHD. I have dermatillomania,” she continued.


And its safe to say that her brother is a huge inspiration to the young and talented pageant winner.

“I have been involved with Special Olympics since he first became eligible to be an athlete when he was 7,” she said, talking about her brother’s influence on her social initiative section of the pageant.

And she hopes to see a lot of change with her work, saying: “I really hope that with my work I’m able to see lifelong volunteers of Special Olympics, lifelong supporters.”

She also explained that the “lows” you experience throughout life, are the things that shape you as a person later on. And, she couldn’t be more spot-on about that, right?


And so now, it’s time to see just how wonderful Emma Broyles really is, if you haven’t already seen the impact she’s had on lives around her.

As she’s set to tour and make an incredible impact on many more around her.

What do you think about our new Miss America?