Man Tells His Young Children To Call Their Mom ‘Miss Piggy’ So She’ll Lose Weight

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A dad has come under fire this week after he shared his controversial method to helping his wife lose weight…

How’s he going to get out of this one?

Here’s the full story…

Now, this mother had been struggling with losing weight following the birth of her child, the Little Things reported.

She had also been struggling with postpartum depression.

She tried to confide in her husband about it in hopes he would understand…

But he demonstrated the direct opposite of understanding with how he handled the situation.

She eventually took to Reddit to ask for advice on whether or not she was overreacting…

And, of course, people were outraged by what they heard.

She explained:

“I (32F) gave birth back in October. Since then, it’s been extremely difficult for me to lose the baby weight… Mainly due to my postpartum depression.”

“I get next to no sleep attending to my children and most mornings, I can barely get out of bed, much less drive to the gym.”

“It’s been a dark few months for me,” she admitted.

She decided it would be best to be open about these feelings with her partner.

“I’ve told these things to my partner ‘Dave’ and though he said he understood, I don’t think he really does,” the original post continued.

She continued:

“Though never explicitly stating it, he makes jokes and comments that imply I’m lazy and that he’s no longer attracted to me… Last week, I broke down to him about not being able to lose the weight, and he said that he would push me to do so because he loves me.”

But, the worst part of all…

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‚Äč”[He] started calling me ‘Ms. Piggy’ and has instructed all of my friends and family, even my kids, to do so. I hate this nickname, but he says it’s supposed to motivate me to lose weight. I think he really believes it’s going to help me, but I feel really undermined while parenting because of this nickname.”

The woman is yet to provide an update on her family dynamic.

What do you think of her husband’s tactic?